Bajaj RE Specifications

Engine & Performance
Description RE CNG RE Diesel RE Petrol RE LPG
Engine displacement RE CNG 236.2 cc RE Diesel470.5 cc RE Petrol236.2 cc RE LPG236.2 cc
Maximum net power RE CNG6.90 kW @ 4750 rpm RE Diesel6.24 kW @ 3000 rpm RE Petrol7.6 kW @ 4500 rpm RE LPG7.42 kW @ 5000 rpm
Maximum net torque RE CNG16.18 Nm @ 3000 rpm RE Diesel24 Nm @ 1800 rpm RE Petrol19.2 Nm @ 3250 rpm RE LPG17.65 Nm @ 3500 rpm
Gradeability RE CNG 18% (10.2) max. RE Diesel18% (10.2) max. RE Petrol20% (11.3) max. RE LPG20% (11.3) max.
Description RE CNG RE Diesel RE Petrol RE LPG
Clutch RE CNG Wet, Multiplate RE DieselDry, Singleplate RE PetrolWet, Multiplate RE LPGWet, Multiplate
Brake - RH foot operated RE CNGHydraulic- Drum RE DieselHydraulic- Drum RE PetrolHydraulic- Drum RE LPGHydraulic- Drum
Vehicle Information
Description RE CNG RE Diesel RE Petrol RE LPG
Seating capacity RE CNG4 persons (with Driver) RE Diesel4 persons (with Driver) RE Petrol4 persons (with Driver) RE LPG4 persons (with Driver)
Battery rating, Ah RE CNG12 V, 32 Ah RE Diesel12 V, 32 Ah RE Petrol12 V, 32 Ah RE LPG12 V, 32 Ah
CNG/Diesel/Petrol/LPG Tank Capacity RE CNG4 kg (29/30 L cylinder) at 0 RE Diesel8 L RE Petrol8 L RE LPG20.6 L
Description RE CNG RE Diesel RE Petrol RE LPG
Wheel base RE CNG2000 mm RE Diesel2000 mm RE Petrol2000 mm RE LPG2000 mm
Overall width RE CNG1300 mm RE Diesel1300 mm RE Petrol1300 mm RE LPG1300 mm
Overall length RE CNG2635 mm RE Diesel2635 mm RE Petrol2635 mm RE LPG2635 mm
Overall height RE CNG1700 mm RE Diesel1700 mm RE Petrol1700 mm RE LPG1700 mm
Min. Ground clearance RE CNG170 mm RE Diesel170 mm RE Petrol170 mm RE LPG170 mm
Maximum GVW (kg) RE CNG708 RE Diesel702 RE Petrol672 RE LPG687
Kerb weight RE CNG398 RE Diesel392 RE Petrol362 RE LPG377
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