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Last Updated: Feb 15 2023, 11:30 AM IST

Is it advisable to ride on the Manali-Leh route on a 100 CC bike?

These days, people ask this query quite frequently. Why not, then? Every season, visitors from all walks of life now travel to Ladakh. Unfortunately, they cannot ride the hefty cruiser bikes, so they search for more comfortable transportation to Ladakh.

Our brains automatically picture men or women riding those high-power engine bikes whenever someone mentions, inquiries about, or even just thinks about taking a bike ride to Ladakh. Numerous images of biker groups riding those cruiser bikes across the desolate landscapes of Ladakh or along the Manali-Leh Highway are all over the Internet. Although powerful bikes always seem like a charming choice, are they always necessary for travelling to Ladakh?

What about individuals who don't own bikes with such powerful engines but wish to go on an adventure by bike to Ladakh? Can they ride your 100cc motorcycle to Ladakh? Where will they keep their luggage? What if they want to ride these bikes with a companion? Can you do sharp turns with a 100cc? What about the jerks and instant breaks? Will the tyres hold the ground, or will the bike skid? So many questions and so many thoughts; we will answer all.

Let’s find out how a 100cc bike will beat the challenges


How to Manage Steep Ascents?

If you ride a 100cc motorbike to Ladakh, this becomes the largest obstacle. You will pass over several high-altitude passes in Ladakh on your tour. While some of these passes, like Pensi La in Zanskar, will be simpler to traverse, others, like Khardung La, Chang La, and Tanglang La, require a long, arduous ascent. It would become challenging for you to complete the trip if your motorcycle stalls and don't move forward.


The Platina 110, Platina 100, and Bajaj CT 110X have great gripping tires to hold the road. As a result, none of these bikes would slip. For enhanced comfort, the long, wide seat is quilted. It makes long travel comfortable for both the rider and the passenger.

Poor & Defective Roads

Regardless of how powerful your bike is, this will be a challenge. You will encounter several creeks along the path, which are tiny streams of water made by melting snow. Some of these creeks can be quite deep and have enormous stones submerged beneath the water. As a result, roads can be destroyed in places, and stones will keep hitting the bike's belly when you ride through them.


Thanks to the edgy-looking new tank guard, the bikes will not sustain any damage. In addition, the Platina 110, Platina 100, and Bajaj CT 110X have safety features that ensure both the rider, and the passenger are safe while riding through challenging roads.

Longer Trips

Smaller engine bikes are typically thought to be suitable for city use and quick trips between locations. A heating issue could arise if you ride these nonstop for several hours. Additionally, this will cause issues with acceleration, and in extreme situations, the bike can even refuse to start if the engine shuts out.


Many riders have been seen in this situation. Thankfully, Bajaj addressed this issue in its 100cc bike range. The engine has a larger speed range and improved torque. The Platina 110, Platina 100, and Bajaj CT 110X are backed by an impressive DTS-i engine that provides improved pick-up and unsurpassed mileage. Since emergencies are unpredictable, Bajaj has service centers within a reachable distance.

Other Advantages of 100cc bike

Small in Size

The motorcycle will be heavier if the engine is larger. However, a 100cc bike won't be very heavy, which will be helpful when navigating it through slush or challenging terrain. Additionally, pushing is lighter and simpler.

Improved Mileage

Another substantial benefit is this. Since smaller engines get excellent mileage, you won't need to worry as much about carrying additional fuel.

Powerful LED Lights

Travel is not specific to time, and it should not be. However, many bikers love getting on the road after sunset. The Platina 110, Platina 100, and Bajaj CT 110X have extremely stylish and powerful LED DRLs that let you easily ride through the darkest roads.

Roaring Engine

An electronic start mechanism can start your vehicle smoothly with only a single button press. Any ascent or trail may be traversed using the engine's power. Riding on dirt tracks is enjoyable, thanks to long-travel shocks. The DTS-i engine will give you the encouragement and motivation to continue.

Yes, it is advisable to ride on the Manali-Leh route on a 100cc Bike

No matter how challenging the roads or the playful weather, 100cc bikes by bajaj can take all the load. They can carry your luggage on a carrier that can easily be installed. The latest tyre technology knows about broken roads. For the pillion rider, wider footpads offer increased comfort and grip. Suspense Sns, strongest jerks are absorbed, providing a comfortable ride on bumpy roads.

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Last Updated: Feb 15 2023, 11:30 AM IST

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