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Last Updated: Feb 15 2023, 11:30 AM IST

Can I use a 100cc Platina bike for a 600km travel?

Bike touring is a popular activity in India. However, most Indians get around on motorcycles with engines of 100cc. A bike costing over 1 lakh rupees is outside everyone's budget. Does that imply you can't go on an extended tour if you have a small motorcycle engine? You can if you have a Platina 110, Platina 100 or CT 110X. However, before you embark on your great adventure, there are something you should know to keep your bike in the best shape while you cruise.

Maintenance: If you want your motorcycle to last across rough terrain, you should keep the engine in excellent shape. Instead of taking any chances, change the oil and have a mechanic examine the engine's valves and piston head. Tighten the chain and double-check the clutch and brake cables.


Spares: Consult the experts at your service centre to find out which of your motorcycle's parts are most susceptible to wear and tear in harsh environments or during long extended journeys. It can help you determine what kinds of spares you need to bring while touring.


Riding: Modern motorcycles allow you to go great distances at speeds. However, you'll need extra caution when riding a bike with a 100cc engine capacity. Stay away from the "red line" or the point where your motorcycle can no longer be accelerated. Instead, keep revs low and travel at a speed of ease. Always remember to speed up and slow down.


Putting on the brakes: Motorcycles are frequently seen broken down and parked on the shoulder of highways. Improving your stopping ability will help you avoid collisions. In addition, developing the ability to see further ahead will allow you to react to potential dangers in plenty of time. Remember that the front brake on your motorbike has the most stopping power, and practice emergency braking regularly. So don't be shy about applying heavy force.


Here is the list of 100cc bikes which are best for long touring in India.

Platina 110

Design: With a focus on simplicity and dependability, the Platina 110 is aimed at the commuting sector. The aesthetic characteristics are consistent with the bike's well-known status. The front of the vehicle features a six-spoke alloy wheel with a disc-brake calliper finished in gold and a black fender with sticker accents.

Features: It is packed with useful features for a reasonably priced commuter motorbike. The speedometer is analogue, while the odometer, trip meter, warning lights, clock, gear-position indicator, and fuel gauge are all digital in the instrument cluster.


Engine: It is powered by a 115.5cc air-cooled, single-cylinder DTS-i fuel-injected engine with a five-speed transmission that generates 8.44 horsepower at 7000 RPM and 9.81 Nm of torque at 5000 RPM. This motorcycle's low and midrange are plenty powerful for daily commuting.


Mileage: Compared to other motorcycles, the Platina 110 uses minimal fuel. Depending on the route, you could get 55 - 59 km/l in the city. Assume a range from 59 to 63 km/l while driving in highway conditions. The 11-litre fuel tank allows a maximum riding range of 650-700 kilometres.

Platina 100

Design: As a commuting bike, the Platina 100 is advertised as easy to use and dependable. The aesthetic aspects are consistent with the bike's well-known status. The front of the vehicle features a stylish black fender and a five-spoke alloy wheel with a disc brake calliper plated in gold (for the ES Disc model). The primary halogen bulb and the brilliant DRL make up the headlight assembly.

Features: It has an entirely analogue instrument cluster across all trim levels. There are no digital components to the odometer, speedometer, or trip meters. This motorbike may have benefited from the Platina 110's modern semi-digital instrument cluster for more convenience.


Engine: Platina 100 comes standard with the same 102cc, fuel-injected, air-cooled engine that spins at 7500 RPM and makes 8.3 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM and 7.79 BHP.


Mileage: With its low fuel consumption, the Platina 100 is popular among motorcyclists for long tours. One can get 65-70 km/l while driving in the city. In a straight line, you can count on a highway fuel economy of 70-75 km/l. With its 11-litre fuel tank, the bike can travel up to 700-750 kilometres without refuelling.

CT 110X

Design: There's a sleek front fender and a blacked-out five-spoke alloy wheel. The primary halogen bulb and the brilliant DRL make up the headlight assembly. Stickering details complement the headlight dome's already sophisticated design. Tank pads on either side of the fuel container improve handling, and the container is sculpted in a rectangular shape with stickering features.

Features: : It comes with an all-analogue instrument cluster in each trim level. There are no digital components to the odometer, speedometer, or trip meters. A motorbike in this class often doesn't have a special feature like the engine bash plate.


Engine: It is powered by a 115.45cc, electronic-injection, air-cooled engine with 8.48 BHP at 7000 RPM and 9.81 Nm of torque at 5500 RPM, and this engine is standard across all models.


Mileage: It is a lightweight motorcycle that uses very minimal fuel. Around town, you can count on a fuel economy of 60–65 km/l. Approximately 65-70 km/l can be expected when driving on the highway. A maximum of 650–700 kilometres can be travelled on the 10.5-litre fuel tank.

Final Words

The quick handling of 100cc bikes is a plus for new and experienced riders for long touring in India. Simple to operate and trustworthy on the road, these bikes are a great option. Rather than focusing solely on performance, these bikes, typically intended for riders, feature ergonomic seats and additional safety features.

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