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Last Updated: Nov 15 2022, 11:30 AM IST

Which are the best bikes under 1 lakh in India?

The bike industry is flooded with so many models that choosing one best out of all is impossible. We know that the riders and commuters not just trust the power engine but also have deep faith in the manufacturer. The Bajaj community is huge, and riders have been showering love on all the bikes that cater to their needs in their budget. India is a market that has a high demand for budget-friendly bikes. For this reason, we have curated a list of the best bikes under 1 lakh. These bikes are worth consideration for their outstanding technology, eye-pleasing style, beast power engine, and fuel efficiency.

Pulsar 125

When Pulsar's first version was released in 2001, it completely changed the definition of an affordable, high-performance bike.The motorbike was so well-known that, nearly two decades later, its name is still regarded as one of the most prestigious in Indian motorcycling.

Bajaj Pulsar 125 Red

Numerous models have worn the Pulsar emblem over the years, but one thing has remained constant: they all represented sporty performance, making it one of the best bikes under 1 lakh.

Pulsar has made it abundantly clear that the 125 is not a commuter bike but rather a bike that maintains the Pulsar experience in the commuter market. Despite being the least efficient of the bunch, at 57.5 km/l, they even included the baby Pulsar's ARAI-certified fuel-efficiency stats compared to the rest of the sector.

However, the 125 will be excellent as a daily commuter due to the smooth ride provided by the suspension and the roomy seats for the rider and pillion. The bike weighs 140 kg, but handling and low-speed mobility are unaffected.

CT 125x

Next in the best bikes under 1 lakh category, Pulsar has created the CT125X, which has a 125cc engine in place of the 110cc engine found in the CT110X. It has a very nice headlight cover that holds the "V"-shaped LED daytime running lights.

Bajaj CT 125X Black With Green

For further toughness, a metal guard is added to the circular headlight, and fork gaiters are added to the front telescopic suspension. Rubber tank pads are also included in the CT line-up's X variants for improved grips, such as the CT110X and CT125X. They have a decent luggage rack in the back and a rather sizable grab rail for the back pillion. Halogen bulbs are used for the vehicle's headlights, taillights, and turn signals.

The CT125X also has rubber grips on the side crash guard, analogue instruments, twin shock absorbers at the back, a luggage carrier above the exhaust to prevent the goods from burning, and a blacked-out effect on the entire motorcycle, barring body panels. The bike costs around Rs. 72,000, well under Rs. 1 lakh.

Platina 110

After the CT125X, another bike Bajaj has released under best bikes under 1 lakh category is Platina 110. There are several new features and aesthetic updates with the new Platina 110. In addition, the new motorcycle is offered in 3 color combinations: Cocktail Wine Red, Ebony Black with Grey Decals, and Ebony Black with Blue Decals.

Bajaj Platina 110 Blue

Similar to the Combined Braking System, which applies both brakes simultaneously when the rider presses only the rear brake pedal, the Anti-Skid Braking System applies both brakes simultaneously. According to an Indian government rule, all two-wheelers with engines smaller than 125cc are required to include this function starting on April 1st, 2019.

It is more comfortable with its industry-leading spring-on-spring suspension and Nitrox gas-charged shock absorbers. Additionally, tubeless tyres are a basic feature of the motorcycle.

The new 115.5cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled motor that powers the Platina 110 produces 8.4 PS of power at 7000 RPM. The torque value is the greatest in its category. A 4-speed manual gearbox is included with the engine.

Platina 100

The Platina 100 is a reliable commuter and of the most preferred vehicle in the best bikes under 1 lakh category. The reputation of this bike is directly correlated with its design cues. The front of the bike has a stylish black fender and a five-spoke alloy wheel with a disc brake calliper that is golden-flushed (in the case of the ES Disc variation).

Bajaj Platina 100 Black & Red

The DRL and the main halogen bulb make up the headlight assembly. Even the headlight dome is tastefully accented with stickering. The fuel tank is deftly moulded into a circle, and the golden highlights on the stamped "Platina" insignia are attractive.

The blacked-out engine compartment makes the striped seat and the side panels below stand out. Another attractive feature is the side-mounted exhaust with a chromed crash/heat guard.

CT 110X

Last in the best bike under 1 lakh segment is the CT 110X. The beautiful look of this bike will leave you in awe. Bajaj has demonstrated that they can produce attractive 100cc bikes with the CT100ES. The designs on the bike go very well with each part of the bike, giving it a great look.

Bajaj CT 110X Green

The seat is very wide, allowing both the rider and the pillion to comfortably sit and ride. This bike's seating posture also provides excellent support during extended rides and is known for producing excellent engines. The bike gives good performance and excellent mileage because of its high-quality engine.

Final Words

These were our top picks under the best bikes under 1 lakh segment that Indian audience prefers. We believe the following list of the most fuel-efficient bikes under 1 lakh will assist our readers in finding the ideal bike, and one should make a thorough comparison and evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of each model before making a final selection.

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