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Last Updated: Feb 16 2023, 11:30 AM IST

What are Some of the Best 200cc Fuel-Efficient Bikes in India?

The mileage and fuel efficiency of a vehicle are currently two of the considerations for consumers buying a new bike. Due to the rising fuel costs in the country, which has caused most individuals to worry about the fuel efficiency and mileage of their bikes, with Bajaj 200cc bikes, you can go beyond the destination. 200cc motorcycles are fuel-efficient bikes in India.

They are built to compete on the racetrack and give smooth power delivery in any weather a lot of individuals are unaware of the best 200cc bikes to buy for saving fuel and getting maximum mileage. Let's learn everything about a few of the high-mileage, fuel-efficient bikes that are offered in India so you can make an informed decision.

This range by Bajaj is suitable for those who are attracted to an aesthetic appeal and are concerned about fuel saving & mileage.

Dominar 250

The Dominar 250 bike resembles its older sibling almost exactly, which will please fan of the Dominar series. The design hasn't seen any major change, and those who admired the Dominar 400's sleek, modern aesthetic will undoubtedly find its 250cc variant rather alluring. The dimensions are also the same.

 Dominar 250 Red

However, the new Dominar bike variant has mono-shocks in the back and, in comparison, slimmer 37mm USD forks up front. Surprisingly, the new Bajaj Dominar 250 has all the features featured on its larger sibling, with the exception of the gear position indicator. This bike is indeed one of the fuel-efficient bikes in India.

Pulsar 250

In the 200cc segment, Pulsar 250 comes with and without Dual Channel ABS. There are some differences in both models. But the common feature is the models is that both are fuel efficient. Let’s find out the difference-

With Dual channel ABS-

This bike has two models- Pulsar F250 and Pulsar N250. The visible difference between the two is styling.

Pulsar 250

The Pulsar F250 features rear view mirrors that are mounted on the body panels and a small front visor. Though the Pulsar N250 is a naked streetfighter and does not receive any fairing.

Without Dual channel ABS :

This too has the same models named the same Pulsar with Dual channel ABS has. The look of the N250 and F250 differs most significantly. The Pulsar F250 has rear-view mirrors located on the body panels and a small visor at the front because it is a semi-faired motorcycle. On the other hand, the Pulsar N250 is a naked streetfighter and does not receive any fairing. These bikes are available in different colours as well.

Note: Both the bike models - with and without dual channel ABS have differences in the power supplied by the engine and torque as well.

Avenger 220 Cruise

Bajaj has dominated the 220cc cruiser market with the economical and low-maintenance Avenger 220. It intends to accomplish the same thing with the new Avenger 220 Cruise but with additional elegance and amenities.

Avenger 220 cruise

It has a variety of new features, including a new headlight with LED DRLs, a higher, well-designed windscreen, a new Avenger emblem on the fuel tank, a new digital panel, and a new colour scheme with updated graphics. This motorcycle is one of the fuel-efficient bikes in India.

It retains its characteristic cruiser motorcycle style with the low-slung saddle, windshield, rear-swept at the front, and a wide wheelbase. The 3D logo, chrome-plated components, and wire-spoked wheels offer a sense of luxury to the entire design.

Pulsar NS200

With our unique Triple Spark DTS-i 4V FI 6-speed gearbox engine, which generates 18 kW (24.5 PS) of raw power and 18.74 Nm of torque, you can command absolute power. High performance is guaranteed at high temperatures thanks to the sophisticated liquid cooling system.

Avenger 160 Street

The most aggressive and powerful street fighter in the 200cc motorcycle segment is here in true "Naked Sport" fashion! Use the perimeter frame to comfortably navigate every bend.

The sharpest handling sensation is made possible by high stiffness and low flex. Massive 300 mm front disc, 230 mm rear disc, and ABS technology provide ultra-safe braking performance on any surface.

Wider tyres aid in reducing the risk of slipping during emergency braking and other difficult situations.

Pulsar RS200

Bajaj’s innovative Triple Spark DTS-i 4V FI engine will help you win the race with 18 KW (24.5 PS) of raw power @ 9750 rpm.

Pulsar RS200

The engine includes a sophisticated liquid cooling system that makes sure it always operates at peak efficiency, even in extremely hot conditions. The sporty and race-inspired bike will have you ready to take on the racetrack.

With the telescopic suspension and an anti-friction bush, you'll have the ideal balance to race in supreme comfort and carve corners. With the cutting-edge liquid cooling system, enjoy a feather-touch start, maximum fuel efficiency, and engine temperature in all weather.

With our Dual Channel ABS technology, you can conduct ultra-safe braking on any surface.

Final Words

It's time to bring home the performance machine for you. With Bajaj, you can choose to ride in the height of comfort while cruising in timelessly stylish fashion. Save fuel, save energy and smartly invest your hard money in the most popular range of 200cc bikes by Bajaj.


Last Updated: Feb 16 2023, 11:30 AM IST

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What is the Best 200cc Bike in India?

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