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Last Updated: Feb 17 2023, 11:30 AM IST

How do I increase the mileage on my Pulsar NS 200?

It is difficult to sustain the bike's performance in our stop-and-go traffic. Sometimes it's necessary to rev the engine to its maximum capacity, and then the next second, you're riding in the low-end range. Several factors, particularly its mileage, severely hamper the performance of a bike. Nevertheless, most everyday commuters choose bikes due to their high mileage rates. Bicycles used for daily commuting range from 100 KMPL to 40 KMPL.

Many bike owners have asserted that despite owning fantastic branded bikes, they spend excessive amounts of money on them every day. They say that they believe their bike pays for the majority of their expenses, and poor mileage is the main culprit. But with the Bajaj Pulsar NS200, mileage is now a matter of concern. All you need to know is a better way to increase mileage without stressing your pocket.

1. Don't shift gears frequently :

The clutch is heavily taxed by frequent gear changes, which wears it down and reduces the Pulsar NS200 bike's mileage. Heavy gear shifting comprises fast, high RPM, and low gear driving. Such factors have an impact on the clutch pad and engine, which affects the bike's mileage.

2.Refrain from using roads with plenty of traffic :

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 Blue

The fuel burns in heavy traffic because of the frequent gear changes. If you are unable to dodge the traffic, slowly change gears and try to turn off the NS200 engines when not needed. You can change the engine when traffic lights or significant traffic jams and you can't move your bike.

3. Avoid hard braking and quick acceleration :

Rapid acceleration results in high rpm and speed, significantly increasing fuel consumption. It is best to accelerate gradually while changing gears at the proper rpm. However, hard braking also results in fuel loss. In a similar situation, it is recommended to use the brakes at a reasonable distance to prevent abrupt braking and the possibility of accidents.

4. Go for 'Economy Speed' :

It's crucial to adhere to the posted speed limits when driving your Pulsar NS200 within city limits. This is advantageous for maintaining your bike's mileage and the safety of you and others around you. You can increase your bike mileage by avoiding rapid acceleration and riding steadily at speeds below 40 KM/H.

5. High-Grade Fuel :

You must take care of your NS200 by filling it with the proper fuel, just like bike finance takes care of your purchase. For optimum engine performance, stay away from deceptive leaded fuel and always pick high-quality unleaded premium fuel.

6. Activate the kill switch :

Most traffic lights are in place for more than one minute. Use the kill switch to turn off the engine when you anticipate that your NS200 bike will be still for longer than thirty seconds. This preserves both engine health and fuel.

7.Parking in the sun should be avoided :

Your Pulsar NS200 do not enjoy spending much time in the sun, just like people do. The reason is that sunlight causes fuel to evaporate, lowering mileage. Make sure your bike is parked in the shade if you anticipate being gone during the day for an extended period of time. This will increase the mileage of your bicycle.

8. Lubricate and thoroughly clean :

After using the bike loan EMI calculator to borrow money to buy your first bike, you make several commitments about taking care of it. Clean and lubricate the chain every time you wash your Pulsar NS200 at home in between services. As a result, less dust and sand will accumulate, lowering the power needed to rotate the chain.

9. Never use alternative Pulsar NS200 body parts:

Never forget to leave the bike's original components in place when you modify it. Products that are originally built are always produced in coordination with engine performance. More fuel will be used if they are changed.

Final Thoughts

Fuel costs may increase, and we have no control over this. However, we can boost the Pulsar NS200 mileage by taking these measures. The tips and tricks are straightforward and require no additional effort from the rider. Due to rush hour, additional circumstances such as stop-and-go city traffic are often inevitable, and we may revive our bikes at one point and go slowly at another. Riding in economy mode will go a long way toward preserving fuel efficiency.

Before buying a bike, most buyers of brand-new bikes check the fuel economy. This tendency is seen in the best-selling motorcycles that achieve 70 km/l when driven correctly. However, even if your bike was not built to offer such high mileage, you could still get the best mileage by following the aforementioned simple procedures.

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