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Last Updated: Feb 16 2023, 11:30 AM IST

Is Bajaj NS160 good for long drives?

Since long rides are stressful and hard, people look for bikes that are comfortable, fuel-efficient, and give great mileage. A lot of people these days move towards high-end, heavy bikes. However, a set still loves bikes in the 160cc segment. Bajaj knows India has a huge biker community with the same passion and enthusiasm.

But all bikers don't have the same budget. For this reason, Bajaj manufactured the NS160, which is not just budget-friendly but also provides touring-bike-like features. We have brought you an in-depth look into Bajaj's NS160, and be assured that this bike is surely made for long drives.

It is an exceptional motorbike that is certain to amaze. As we reach the year 2022, the NS160 price in India has climbed dramatically, and if you're searching for a powerful motorbike at a low price, you might consider this model. This blog article will discuss the NS160 in length, including its full specsspecs.

Bajaj NS 160

After promising results shown by the NS 200, the company launched the NS 160. The bike shares similar designs to NS 200, and the major factor differentiating them is their engine. As the name suggests, the Bajaj NS 160 is powered by a 160cc engine.


The looks of the NS 160 are hard to ignore. The bike has a wolf face headlamp, rear seat foot pegs, a wide fuel storage tank, LED taillights, and sleek indicators, which set apart the design of the NS 160. It is also equipped with a slim oil-cooled engine and a digital speedometer.

Bajaj Pulsar NS160 Pearl White

Key Specs

  • Price: Rs. 1.23 lakh+
  • Engine displacement: 164.82cc
  • Maximum power: 14.65 Nm at 6750 rpm
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Cylinders: 1


The bike can easily go from 0 to 100 km/h in approximately 14 seconds and, therefore should reach the stated peak speed of 120 km/h. The Pulsar 160NS has a fuel efficiency of approximately 45kmpl, which is quite impressive.


Beautiful LED taillights on the Bajaj NS 160 are followed by rear indicators that resemble those on the NS 200 in the taillight. A LED strip that focuses on the license plate is installed below the taillight. Two-leg guards are positioned on either side of the front wheel at the front, and they are sturdy enough to protect the bike against harm.


The NS 160 is a roadster and is true to its category, as it is both comfortable and sporty. When you sit on the bike, it will feel like the ideal balance of control and comfort.


The soft rubber coating on the feet acts as a protective cushion for the legs. The foot pegs are rear-set, and the entire stance is somewhat committed to the ideal riding position.


The NS160's kerb weight of 142 kg makes it easy to lift for parking, and the overall height of 1060 mm makes it manageable for those of average height as well. It is an extremely potent roadster. The five-speed gear transmission makes it simple to transmit power as required.


The 160NS is not just strong but also a fuel-efficient commuter. In actual riding circumstances, you can anticipate a return of about 45 km/l. In addition to Bajaj's DTS-i technology and 5-speed manual transmission, the engine has a fuel injection system.


A 160cc oil-cooled engine and single-cylinder that complies with BS6 powers the Pulsar NS 160. Maximum torque is produced by this BS6 motor at 9000 RPM and 7250 RPM, respectively.


The digital-analogue instrument cluster carried over from the NS 200 to NS 160 is the best-looking and most functional in this segment. Even the aluminium license plate and indicator mount appear to be of higher quality for this category.

Brakes & Suspension

Due to the varied nature of routes in India, the bike has an amazing suspension for immaculate and fascinating journeys. The adjustable Nitrox-filled mono shock absorber is located at the back.

Additionally, the suspension assists with twists and turns, making the ride strong and planted. Its perimeter frame provides the motorbike with remarkable rigidity and balance. Due to the frame's great stiffness and little flex, the handling is accurate. The vehicle's modern, high-performance mono-shock suspension provides the rider with a greater sense of comfort.

Final Words

Bajaj is a company that has been supporting Indian riders for many years by providing them with high-quality bikes. This success is because, after so many years of manufacturing bikes, it has never lagged in offering what the current generation wants. The NS 160 is the best example. The bike offers performance, comfort, and fuel efficiency like no other roadster, making it an apt choice for long-distance rides.

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