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    Why Bajaj

    "We are a dedicated, adventurous, creative and ethical community. We believe in doing the best and being the best."

    Bajaj Auto Limited has always been the vanguard of positive change on a global scale. We are champions of innovation, creativity and adaptability. You should also be part of the change.

    • Bajaj - Indian MNC

      The perfect mix of Indian values, world class technology and opportunities, we have stayed at the top of our game and the market for 72 years. We have a global presence with exports to 70 countries and a 49% share in KTM.

    • Bajaj - Leader of Technological Innovation

      Our vibrant engineering minds consistently conceptualize new ideas, breakthrough technologies and innovative patents at our in-house R&D Center.

    • World Class Manufacturing & TPM - Bajaj Auto
      Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

      TPM is the way of life at Bajaj Auto. It is this rigor that allows us to use the latest manufacturing technologies like robotics and automation build quality in our products.

    • Grow With Bajaj

      Our unique and thoughtful growth strategy combined with your ambition and drive, provides you everything you need to create a career of which you can be proud.

    • Culture of Empowerement At Bajaj Auto
      Culture of Empowerment

      At Bajaj, you own your career. You have the autonomy you need to make day-to-day decisions and to act on ideas that make us great.

    • Employee Recognition Programs At Bajaj
      Amongst Top Quartile in Industry Compensation

      Competence, performance and drive are the foundation of our rewards program. We retain the best among us with rewards commensurate with their contribution to our brand.

    • Employee Friendly Policies At Bajaj
      Employee friendly work practices

      Our policies and systems are designed to provide you the transactional ease that frees you up to take on challenging targets.

    • Employee Welfare & Quality Life - Bajaj
      Superior Quality of Life

      Our constant efforts towards employee welfare ensure that our employees enjoy superior quality of life.

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