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Bajaj Auto Ltd. is a globally reputed company involved in manufacturing, sale, trading and servicing of various types of motor vehicles & spares alongwith providing allied services. Bajaj Auto Ltd. has its own process & mechanism to recruit/appoint the employees, contractors and other people for working with them. Recently it is noticed that, some persons are unlawfully posting some messages, posts, images, photos or advertisements on Facebook, Google, Social Media and/or various Websites, thereby falsely portraying the logo / name of Bajaj Auto Ltd. and falsely claiming to get the prospective candidates placed / employed with Bajaj Auto Ltd. There is every possibility that such persons are taking amounts from prospective candidates under the garb of getting them placed/employed with Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Public is hereby cautioned that, Bajaj Auto Ltd. has not appointed any such agencies (as portrayed in such web posts/messages) and has also not offered any such jobs through such persons mentioned in the posts / messages. Bajaj Auto Ltd. has got no concern in regard to such unauthorized posts over Facebook / Social Media / Websites or contents thereof. It appears that, some people are unlawfully misusing the name / logo of Bajaj Auto Ltd. and misrepresenting the public at large, with malafide intent to extract money. Bajaj Auto Ltd. is initiating the necessary legal actions against such persons. Public is hereby cautioned not to fall prey such misrepresentations as Bajaj Auto Ltd never takes any money from any candidates for offering any employment opportunities. In any case, Bajaj Auto Ltd. shall not be liable or responsible in any manner for any act or consequence relating to such false advertisements / posts.

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