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At Bajaj you hit the ground running right from day one with full accountability and autonomy. Every day we aim towards building a better and technologically superior future. Our proactive culture provides you with the opportunity to make a real difference. Our career possibilities are limitless and dynamic and the only person who decides how far you will go, is you.

Vikas Sawhney - GM, Engineering of Robotics & Automation Bajaj
Mr. Vikas Sawhney talks about collaborative robots

It’s an amazing feeling to have been part of the implementation of collaborative robots in automotive assembly lines in 2010. Today, we have more than 100 robots driving our position to the world’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer.

Vikas Sawhney
GM, Engineering (Robotics & Automation)
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Trekking Trip for Employees at Bajaj
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Biker of Bajaj
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