3 Riders
18 Countries
50,000 Kms
110 Days

Major milestones

World’s First Polar Odyssey: from Tuktoyaktuk in the Arctic circle to Ushuaia, the closest point to the Antarctic.The Polar Odyssey starts on the 1st year anniversary of the successful and path breaking “First time for India” Trans-Siberian Odyssey.The longest ride across Americas, riding on the toughest terrains from Pole to Pole.

1st Indian bike to cover 4 of the world’s toughest roads on a single odyssey:

  • James Dalton Highway, Arctic Circle
  • North Yungas Road, Road of Death – Bolivia
  • Atacama Desert Pan American Highway towards Chile
  • Dempster Highway, Arctic Circle


Day 104

Sunsets are the proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.

Pre-Flag Off

Leaving the Heathrow and flying high over the Atlantic. A 10 hour long trip will take our riders to Salt Lake City International Airport. From there, they connect further to start the journey. Our riders spend close to 30 odd hours on aircrafts and airports.

Pre-Flag Off

Our riders have reached their destination. It’s a beautiful day and discovering this place is a long awaited dream for them. The next few days will be challenging!!

Day 1

Deadhorse, Alaska. The town at the end of the earth. Alaska is known as the Last Frontier of the USA, and James W Dalton Highway ending at Deadhorse is the last frontier of the Last Frontier!

Day 2

Anchorage - Fairbanks - Coldfoot - Deadhorse - Coldfoot - Fairbanks... Done! The James W Dalton Highway is undoubtedly one of the most dangerous roads. The stretch close to 1000 miles both ways from Fairbanks to Fairbanks was an exciting experience! The unpredictable rains made the journey as tough as it could get!

Day 3

Where there is a wheel there is a way and it’s time to get them rolling and conquer new boundaries.

Day 4

Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.

Day 5

Border Crossing was never this easy. USA into Canada in 5 min flat and the last ones to cross over today from Poker Creek Alaska to Little Gold Creek, Canada! A midnight check-in into Dawson City amidst continuous pour.

Day 5

The best view always comes after the hardest climb.

Day 6

The James W Dalton Highway is not for the faint hearted.

Day 6

Riding on the Dempster Highway. ~2000 kms of terrain that's far from forgiving. Rains have been with us since we left our home country.

Day 7

Dempster Highway. Roller coaster fun later, it's 150 kms to Tuk!.

Day 8

We got to meet some awesome people on a deserted highway. Travel is all about meeting people from other parts of the world and connecting with them.

Day 9

Dempster Highway.

Day 9

Welcomed with an escort into the wilderness.

Day 9

Dempster Highway was definitely unique, making it challenging with rains in summer. The Northwest one leading to Tuktoyaktuk, a new highway opened in November last year, is the most beautiful. The landscape is mesmerizing with many lakes that it's impossible to count.

Day 10

My way is the highway!

Day 10

Lock stock and keep loading barrels. Always on the move.

Day 10

The motorcycles were fully clean minutes ago. Dempster at its best!

Day 11

Clouds, rain, storm and sunset skies, they've seen them all now.

Day 12

We are close to 6000 kms into this adventure since started from Anchorage.

Day 13

It was a phenomenal experience and lasted less than 2 minutes.

Day 14

They say time wasted at the lake is time well spent. That's how the journey is going in the past few days passing through lakes and glaciers which look too good to be true.

Day 15

Stewart to Prince George. A ride close to 720 kms, a mind blowing experience.

Day 16

Some lakes have names, others don’t. We couldn't help but stop and admire the sunset on the highway 37 Cassiar route, Canada.

Day 17

The ride towards Vancouver has been one of the most exhilarating one!

Day 18

The team just got bigger.

Day 20

It's ~9000 kms since we left on the 28th July from Anchorage, AK to Vancouver, BC and we have been in and out of 2 of the most scenic countries that are a heaven for road travel.

Day 21

City Beats around Surrey. Thundering alongside the Suzuki Boulevard M109R (Intruder). Interesting ride.

Day 22

An awesome time out with the Sikh Riders of Vancouver. Riding into some landscapes that would just leave you in awe!

Day 23

Location - Stawamus Chief, referred to as The Chief. Towering over 700 m or ~2300 ft in height, and claimed to be the second largest granite monolith in the world.

Day 24

Vancouver. Who says concrete jungles aren't pretty. Blue skies and good vibes are all you need to get the best out of every place..

Day 25

The torture on the Dalton Highway and the Dempster Highway are testimony to the quality of the equipment mounted on our machines.

Day 26

It's road trip time! We had been in a temporary hiatus and the thrill of bouncing back on the road is something few would know.

Day 27

Consistency is most important and as part of our refuelling stops, we scout around for known and familiar gas stations that possibly has a drive thru or a seat in restaurant and/or a convenience store.

Day 28

Beautiful Canada. The landscapes out here are surreal. Since leaving Surrey, British Columbia, we have been heading North towards Jasper, Alberta, and just not been able to come to terms with the beauty this region has.

Day 29

It's good to switch your headgear for a change, but when on the road, make sure you wear the right one.

Day 30

Location - Mount Robson Provincial Park. Cruising on the Yellowhead Highway, the experience of how beautiful nature can be, almost starts here.

Day 31

After some amazing time in Canada, it's time to flip back into the United States of America.

Day 32

Location - Logan Pass - located along the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park, State of Montana and is at an elevation of ~6500 ft.

Day 33

#AdventuresBeyondBoundaries is all about connecting with fellow travellers. Race, creed, religion, nationality doesn't matter. The joy of exchanging few words is something that can only be experienced!

Day 34

At temperatures that would make you numb, the serene pristine landscapes will accelerate your imagination and drive your dream.

Day 35

It's one of those moments where you stay stunned looking at such a beautiful monument. We made it just in time for a breath-taking sunset.

Day 37

Some mind blowing locations that we see, is shown to you in some never before shots.

Day 38

South Dakota to Minnesota to Wisconsin. It's all in a day ride.

Day 39

#AdventuresBeyondBoundaries is all about encouraging you to choose your passion and drive towards a complete fulfilment!

Day 41

Never waste time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under.

Day 42

The route from Vancouver to Detroit have seen some fantastic roads, beautifully maintained National Monuments, and National Parks where you could just get lost.

Day 43

Amazing experience at the Ford museum, Dearborn Michigan. Seeing the revolution of Ford on how it shaped the country, getting to drive on the world's first affordable car the Model T, getting a factory tour of the Ford F150, seeing the evolution of automotive technology, just brilliant! .

Day 45

Light a campfire and everyone's a storyteller!

Day 46

As we cross over the border from Canada into the USA for the second time in the last few weeks, we could only take back with us the strong memories of some of the most beautiful landscapes Canada had to offer.

Day 47

Go ahead. Tell us what you see?
Location - Downtown New York.

Day 48

The Maid of the Mist Cruise to the Horseshoe Falls amidst the Niagara Falls has been quite an experience. With zero visibility nearer to the falls and drenched to the bone if not for the ponchos, the gust of wind and water will definitely leave you wet all over.

Day 49

A beautiful moon amidst some beautiful landscapes that winds up the day for us. A almost wet ride from Washington DC to Daleville, Virginia after roaming around the streets of the Power Capital of the World.

Day 50

Standing strong in front of the world's tallest obelisk, the Washington monument.

Day 51

Each memory has a soundtrack of its own. Relates more as we step into the heart of American country music - Tennessee.

Day 52

Have been living the trucker life last few days riding more than 600kms a day, eat at fuel stations, sleep in highway motel. Impressive fuel economy these machines are still giving out, cruising for long hours between 110-120kmph thankfully doesn't feel stressful and the engine remains smooth.

Day 53

Check Mate!! We were repeatedly cautioned of the truckers being fast on Interstates 81/40 as we head towards Dallas.

Day 54

Hello Texas.

Day 55

When passion drives people to do what you like, any kind of challenges can be overcome with so much ease. Such were the tight schedules that Zana was tasked with for this Odyssey, that Vibhas was personally carrying stuff to ensure it reaches in time and making sure the customized fittings fit right.

Day 56

The west of the United States is undoubtedly the most awesome corner of this country and we are so eagerly looking forward.

Day 57

Location - Cadillac Ranch A public art installation and sculpture in Amarillo, Texas, created in 1974. Half-buried ten Cadillacs (1949-1963) nose-first in the ground. The cars were either older running, used or junk cars.

Day 58

Riding along the waves of friendship!

Day 58

It's really important to keep ourselves hydrated especially when riding for long hours. Thankfully the vents in our riding gear is keeping check of the body temperature not letting it heat up too much under the afternoon sun.

Day 60

Location - Pikes Peak, Colorado
America's Beautiful Mountain is the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, in North America and rises upto 14,115-foot in Pike National Forest.

Day 61

Location - The Monument Valley, Utah
Most of us would have seen and drooled over this location from countless movies. Our dream came true when the @bajajdominar 's stood proudly in front of these majestic cluster of sandstone valley of the rocks.

Day 62

Route 66 or the Will Rogers Memorial Highway or the Mother Road of the USA!

Day 63

Road. Off Road. No Road. Snow. Slush. Gravel. Think of all the terrains you possibly can, these machines have seen them all and the heart is as healthy as it should be to tackle the next 25000 kms on this Odyssey!

Day 64

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!

Day 65

Zipping through the colourful mountain ranges of Colorado, USA. Hills look painted, skies look dyed. Heaven on earth!

Day 65

Location - Coluorful Colorado! The Molas Pass on the Million Dollar Highway, Colorado, at an elevation of 10910 ft above.

Day 67

Hitting the 27500 kms mark at Las Vegas & in time for the 4th oil change after putting on 9500 kms since Detroit.

Day 68

Location - Red Canyon, on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park. The route winds amidst the spectacular red sandstone spires and formations. This area has been called the "most photographed place in Utah".

Day 69

One of the most bizarre nights! Location - Jacob Lake, Grand Canyon

Day 70

Location - Denny's - America's Favorite Diner!!

Day 71

Location - San Francisco, the last major stop in our Leg 2 of the @dominarpolarodyssey

Day 72

Two Countries, 3 Provinces in Canada, 19 States in the USA, 35 days on the pillion saddle on the @bajajdominar#CanyonRed

Day 73

A tale of two air filters!

Day 74

Location - Tijuana, Mexico!! Country#3!!
The crossing was super seamless amidst absolute chaos that we almost overshot the Immigration!

Day 75

Location - San Diego Safari & Zoo. By far one of the most beautiful days today.

Day 76

Looking sharp! Desert, sea and cactus forests... that's Baja, Mexico for you.

Day 77

Playtime at Sunset!! Location - About few miles up the coast from Hearst Castle

Day 78

At the tip of Baja in Cabo, San Lucas.

Day 79

You know you're in Baja when you see horses running along with you

Day 80

As we head out towards Mexico City from the Port Town of Topolobampo - Los Mochis

Day 81

Location - A few kms short of Zacatecas, en route City of Mexico.

Day 82

Location - Mazatlan to Durango

Day 83

The tallest triumphal arch in the world, the monument of revolution in Mexico city

Day 84

Country #4 - Guatemala!!

Day 85

The city surrounded by volcanos, Antigua.

Day 86

Exit Guatemala. Hello El Salvador. Country #5!!

Day 87

Adiós El Salvador. Hola Honduras!!

Day 88

As much time we gave ourselves to cross over from Guatemala to El Salvador to Honduras yesterday, we spent just THAT much time at the Border Control of Nicaragua!

Day 89

Wet season or dry, rain or Shine, travel in central America is amazing!

Day 90

Nicaragua will be a tad sour experience when it comes to Border Control, possibly because of the political turmoil this country is reeling in

Day 91

Riding through the cane fields of the largest central American region – Nicaragua

Day 92

After a memorable time in Costa Rica, we are now in Country #9 - Panama!

Day 93

It's a fabulous end to Leg 3 - Central America!

Day 94

Continent #2---Country #10 Hola Colombia!

Day 95

India for a Billion Reasons!!

Day 96

You'll never know until you go! Viva Costa Rica!

Day 97

Two days of pampering the Odyssey machines, it's a wrap at Bogota, Colombia…

Day 98

A spectacular monument located at a new hotel square, near the Magdalena River, as we ride from Bogota towards Neiva.

Day 99

Ecuador - A country named after the Equator!!

Day 100

The Equator!
An imaginary line that separates the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

Day 101

Ever since we left Bogota, Colombia, we have been amidst the super awesome Amazon Rain Forest and as we headed into Ecuador.

Day 102

Bajaj Latam in Ecuador is strong and under continuous coordination, we have been supported by their dealer distributors who have been showing us interesting places in their cities.

Day 103

Country #12 – Peru!
Just crossed from Ecuador into Peru. Ecuador will be, undoubtedly, revisited. The landscapes, warmth of the people and the continuously changing weather has indeed left us spellbound.



leg 1

Leg 1

USA-Canada- USA

It begins at the Elliott Highway, North of Fairbanks, and ends at Deadhorse near the Arctic Ocean and the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields. Also, our riders ride on the new highway towards the Arctic Ocean from the Canadian side to Tuktoyaktuk.

The Dominar's will hyperride from the largest to smallest of three waterfalls - The Horseshoe Falls, The American Falls and The Bridal Veil Falls.

The Dominar's will also hyperride around Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and more significant landmark monuments in the United States of America. This leg is will commence at Washington.

+ x



leg 2

Leg 2


Route 66 is referred as the Mother Road of the US Highway System, and originally runs from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending at Santa Monica, California.

The Dominar's will hyperride along the Californian Condor's flight path (a titan of the skies) all the way down to SA.

San Diego will be an interesting city to watch these fabulous birds in captivity or also at Bitter Creek National Wildlife Refuge. The population of the condors has risen due to these wild and also captive nestings.

+ x



leg 3

Leg 3

Mexico – Guatamala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama

From San Diego, the troupe moves to Baja, the harsh desert of Northern Mexico, rocky inclines of its many mountain ranges and very humid south all the way towards Panama.

The Baja is a rugged 1,700 mile (~2700 kms) off-pavement bike packing route down the length of the Baja California Peninsula, from San Diego, CA, USA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Wide open deserts, rough cut coastlines, and a chance to glimpse what's left of the wild west make Baja a challenging and delightful place. Aside from the main paved Transpeninsular Highway, MEX1, there are few paved roads in Baja and has been a treat for off-road motorists.

+ x



leg 4

Leg 4

Columbia – Ecuador – Peru – Bolivia – Brazil

The Andes extend from North to South through seven South American countries: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil.

Running along South America's western side, The Andes is among the world's longest mountain ranges. Its varied terrain encompasses glaciers, volcanoes, grassland, desert, lakes and forest. The mountains shelter pre-Columbian archaeological sites and wildlife including chinchillas and condors.

The Dominar's will hyperride into the Bajaj Dealership in Bogota, Columbia. At 8,360ft above sea level, Bogotá is the highest city in the world.

+ x



leg 5

Leg 5

Paraguay– Argentina– Chile – Argentina

The Dominar's will be hyperriding on a fair section of the Dakar Route across Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.

Our riders will hyperride through scenic parts of the Andes of Northern Chile and Argentina, packed with big mountain passes, colourful valleys, wide open Atacama desert planes, salt lakes, remote Andean villages, spectacular rock formations and riding close by the hardest off-road terrain in the world, through the mountains of Sierras de Cordoba and Sierras de San Luis, and passing the Aconcagua - 6962 m, the highest mountain in the western hemisphere.

The Californian Condor will be the most significant spotting before heading down further South to catch a glimpse of the Andean Condor. The riders will hyperride to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the World, kissing the Antarctic, before flying back home.

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dominar polar odyssey


Deepak Kamath

Deepak was a part of the Dominar 400 Trans Siberian Odyssey in 2017. Over and above this, he is an all-out explorer with numerous national adventures across India. A holder of multiple records including a World Record for circumnavigating the world.

dominar polar odyssey


Avinash PS

Avinash is an adventurer to the core. He has done many rides across India and Bhutan. He has also conquered the dunes of the Sanai desert in Egypt. He sharpened his riding skills at the Motegi track in Japan.

dominar polar odyssey


Deepak Gupta

Deepak has over 3 decades of riding experience and during that time he has clocked over 12 lakh kms. He is an active member of Group of Delhi Superbikers (G.O.D.S) for a number of years. His close friends call him ‘Mountain Man’ because of his multiple treks into the Himalayas.