The Adventure

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Highlights that made this odyssey legendary

15 countries in 90 seconds
First Indian bike in Antarctica
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the Milestones

The riders

Deepak Kamath Deepak aka Armstrong was the team leader of the Polar Odyssey and the team leader of the Dominar 400 Trans-Siberian Odyssey in 2017. Over and above this, he is an all-out explorer with numerous national adventures across India. A holder of multiple records including a World Record for circumnavigating the world.

The riders

Avinash PS Avinash aka Indian Nomad is an adventurer to the core. He is an acclaimed dirt and racetrack rider. He has done many rides across India and Bhutan. He has also conquered the dunes of the Sanai desert in Egypt. He sharpened his riding skills at the Motegi track in Japan.

The riders

Deepak Gupta Deepak aka Mountain Man has over 3 decades of riding experience and during that time he has clocked over 12 lakh km. He is an active member of Group of Delhi Superbikers (G.O.D.S) for a number of years. He is called ‘Mountain Man’ because of his multiple treks into the Himalayas.

the journey

At the top of the world, touching the Arctic Circle

Canada – beautiful land of beautiful people

Across the USA on legendary highways