The Tour of Majestic Bhutan
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  • This Hyperride took our riders through Bhutan’s highest mountain pass, Chele La (3,780 metres (12,402 ft)) and Dochula (3,116 metres (10,223 ft)), which features 108 chortens
  • Post this, the riders took off for a 12 km trek to Tiger’s Nest, one of Bhutan’s most sacred monasteries
  • They also indulged in a specially designed off-roading session in Paro
  • We had 3-star accommodations throughout Bhutan
  • Hyperriders also traveled through the rugged mountains and winding paths on Bondey-Haa Highway
  • We experienced the glacial splendor of Phobjikha Valley, the beauty of Paro Valley and Haa