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Ready to Race: KTM CUP Season 2 Revs to Life with South Zone Qualifiers in Coimbatore

05 April 2024

Ready to Race: KTM CUP Season 2 Revs to Life with South Zone Qualifiers in Coimbatore

  • First race of the KTM CUP Season 2 was held in Coimbatore, the Motorsports Capital of India
  • A total of 214 racers participated on company-provided KTM RC 390 edition motorcycles
  • The North Zone Qualifier round of the KTM CUP Season 2 will be held in Noida on 13th & 14th April
  • Grand Finale to be held in Coimbatore on 24th & 26th at the Kari Motor Speedway

Coimbatore, April 5, 2024: The world’s No. 1 sports motorcycle brand, KTM, kicked off the electrifying second season of the KTM CUP, India’s largest racing championship, in the motorsport capital of India, Coimbatore. KTM Pro-XP hosts the KTM CUP with the aim of providing KTM owners with the cutting edge experiences necessary to become professional riders.

The South Zone qualifiers were held at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore, over a period of two days. Participants got to experience ultimate action, embodying the ‘Ready to Race’ philosophy of the brand, riding on company-provided KTM RC 390 motorcycles.

An adrenaline-fueled affair, the South Zone qualifier of the KTM CUP Season 2 saw exceptional riders face fierce qualifying competition across the Pro, Amateur, and Women's categories. Around 214 racers, including more than 20 women racers from 25 different cities across the South Zone, participated in the action at Coimbatore. The participants rode the "Ready to Race" KTM RC 390 motorcycles to the finish line.

The KTM CUP Season 2 will host its next selection round in Noida on April 13th and 14th for the North Zone Qualifiers.

The racing stages of KTM CUP Season 2 include:

  • Selections: Race Academy and Selections for the Four Zones will be conducted in Coimbatore, Noida, Thane, and Kolkata
  • Qualifiers: The top 20 riders from each of the four cities will contest the Qualifiers held in Coimbatore
  • Finale: The top racers from the Qualifiers will race at the Finale of KTM CUP Season 2 in Coimbatore.

The top 3 winners of the KTM CUP Season 2 will win an exclusive chance to train with KTM instructors and former Grand Prix winners at the Red Bull Ring in Salzburg, Austria. One lucky winner will also get a chance to intern with PowerDrift.

Race director for the KTM CUP Season 2 is former MotoGP racer Jeremy McWilliams, who has two podiums in the 500cc class and a win in the 250cc class. Emmanuel Jebaraj, the creator of Gusto Racing, India and a seven-time National INMRC Champion, serves as the competition's race expert.

Sponsors of KTM CUP Season 2:

  • Performance partner: Castrol
  • Racing partner: CEAT Tyres

Speaking on occasion, Mr. Sumeet Narang, President (Probiking) at Bajaj Auto Ltd., said, “It has been an incredible experience for us all as we flag off Season 2 of the KTM CUP in Coimbatore. The races today were top-notch, and I want to congratulate the qualifying riders across all categories for their awe-inspiring performances on the track. The enthusiastic participation we witnessed today reaffirms KTM's motorsport credentials in India and sets the benchmark for ultimate racing. This has been an exhilarating start to another electrifying season of motorsports in India. We look forward to the next round of races in Noida in April, where the participating racers will get another step closer to glory and contend for the chance to experience the very essence of KTM in Austria."

About KTM India

True to its “Ready to Race” philosophy, KTM has an unparalleled legacy in motorsports, with over 325+ world championships since 1953, winning the Dakar Rally for the 19th time in 2023. Since its entry in 2012, KTM India has grown its presence to more than 450 stores across the country. KTM has built a strong customer base of nearly half a million biking enthusiasts, making India the largest global market for KTM. The partnership between Bajaj Auto Limited and KTM was inked in 2007, with Bajaj Auto Limited now owning a significant stake in KTM AG.

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