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A challenge exclusively for 3rd and 4th year B.Tech/M.Tech/IDD students

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About the challenge

  • Teams have 72 hours to ideate and code the given problem
Treasure Hunt
  • Explore and decipher the map containing challenges to reach the final treasure chest. Top 2 teams from each campus, on the basis of speed and accuracy to be declared as winners.
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  • Simulation that engages students in a mix of realistic technical and technological scenarios where they must apply the concepts they've learnt to achieve the most desirable and optimal outcome - LIVE for 4 days (24*7)
Click here to take the Simulation
Grand Finale
  • Top 10 teams on the basis of evaluation of their submissions will be invited to Bajaj Auto Campus and code a given problem at our R&D centre
  • Students must register in a team of 2 or 3.
  • Cross-specialization teams can participate.
  • One participant cannot be a member of more than one team.
  • A team should consist of team members of the same campus
  • There is no restriction on the number of teams from an Institute.
  • Only the registered teams will receive the exclusive invite to attend the case launch of OHM
  • Chetak Technology Ltd. And Bajaj Auto Ltd. reserve the right to check the validity of the registration information submitted at any point in time.
  • All the team members need to be present on the day of the jury evaluation, failing which their entry shall stand disqualified.
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