• Booking open for

    5th Feb – 11th Feb’23

  • Price

    20 000/-

  • Duration

    8 Days – 7 Nights

  • Distance

    2000 km

  • Ride Coordinator

    Sarath Shenoy - Rode the Dominar on ‘Roof of the World Odyssey’ across the Upper Mustang

  • Path

    Jaipur – Pushkar – Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Sam Dunes – Bikaner - Jaipur

Day 0

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Assemble at Jaipur
Ride Briefing, Bike check-up – local Sight seeing
Jaipur to Pushkar
Leave the highway and take the back road to Sambhar lake, after having explored the salt flats and ridden with zero markers for direction, we head back to the highway and munch miles to Pushkar for a beautiful Sunset.
Pushkar to Jodhpur
Check out post breakfast, head to Mehrangarh Fort - Jaswant Thada and take the NH21 that leads to Jodhpur
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer
After having experienced single lane scenic route, its time to munch some miles on the national highway. Via Pokhran we make it to Jaisalmer, save your energy to enjoy your time in the fort as we ride in and stay in a Havelli.
Jaisalmer to Samdunes
Bikers are known to take the long way home and today is no different. We fall out of the highway and ride to Tannot mata and in turn to longewala. Post a good platter of history and experiences, we ride to Samdunes for the sun set of a life time.
Samdunes to Bikaner
After having spent quality time in the desert and experienced cultural activities, we head out to Bikaner. With Indira Gandhi canal by your shoulder for over 157 kms and freshly laid black top, this has to be your second favourite route on the ride.
Bikaner to Jaipur
Check out post breakfast and visit the famous Karani matha temple. Make it to Jaipur on time and after having done some quality time in the local markets call it a day. From here all roads lead home.
Ride Coordinator

Sarath has conquered the ‘Roof of the World Odyssey’ on his Dominar, which is known to be one of the most difficult stretches out there. He has covered over 3 lac kms across India, Nepal & Bhutan in the last 5 years and has also completed the “Raid the Himalaya”, the highest rally raid across the world, on the Dominar 400! Someone who is passionate about food & photography, Sarath Shenoy brings his expert riding experience on the table.

Inclusions & Exclusions
  • Stay – on twin sharing basis – in case you want individual rooms please get in touch with us offline
  • Food: breakfast and dinner will be included in the hotels in a buffet format. Extras not included in the buffet can be settled directly between the rider and the Hotel/restaurant.
  • Mechanical support – we will have a competent mechanic, some field replaceable parts and will be able to deal with basic problems in the absence of a full-fledged workshop. The labour is included but the cost of spare parts will be borne by the participant.
  • Basic First aid training – all participants will be given a 3-hour basic first aid training
  • More complex repairs that cannot be handled on the field and require a workshop will need to be handled by the participant in a suitable workshop
  • On the Road travel expenses – expenses on the road like refreshments (food/drinks etc) have to be borne by the participants
  • Any Medical expenses arising out of either precondition, accident or in normal course of things will need to be borne by the participant
  • Fuel required for the journey
  • Overall travel expenses incurred by the participant
Rules & Guidelines
Tours/Rides/Track Events Rules
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the ride and the Pilot Rider. They are for your and fellow riders' safety.
  • Riding Formation – Always follow the riding formation and guidelines laid by Road Captain. Each rider must maintain strict discipline when it comes to riding formation and riding speeds.
  • Traffic Laws – Follow all the traffic laws. Breaking of any traffic law will not be tolerated. If a rider is caught by any of the traffic cops for breaking traffic laws, he / she will be responsible for it and must handle that situation by himself / herself.
  • No Stunts - Performing bike stunts will not be allowed while on the group rides.
  • Communicate – Always communicate with your ride coordinator, or any of the fellow riders just in case you are facing any kind of riding problems or any kind of health issues during the ride.
  • Documents – Please keep all the necessary documents handy for a quick inspection by the authorities such as Vehicle Registration Certificate {RC card}, Insurance Certificate and valid Driving License. Vaccination certificates or RTPCR tests
  • Maintenance – Get your bike serviced in time, go for a short ride and ensure your bike is as fit as you for the travel to avoid unwanted interruptions to you and our fellow riders.
  • No distractions – Avoid distractions while riding like operating mobile phones, cameras and music. Please stop safely before using gadgets that distract you
  • First Aid Kit – Always carry your personal first aid kit along with you while coming on the ride. This is for your own safety as the Pilot rider may be unaware of your medical conditions and appropriate medications.
  • Necessity – Always carry cash along on the ride for road side expenses as electronic forms of payment might not work. There may be many places where there may not be any ATM available and there may be many places where people don’t accept digital forms of payments.
  • Acceptance – Always be ready to face all kinds of weather conditions, including rains while you are on ride. So, it is better to carry your raincoat, luggage cover, or your winter coat as well.
  • Considering the new normal, we intend to keep riders’ safety first by undertaking all the necessary precautions during the ride. Please wear masks and keep your exposure to the minimal
  • All Places of stay have been chosen considering COVID compliances.
  • However, all participants are expected to keep sanitizers, gloves, face masks in their riding kit, enough to last the whole duration of the ride.
  • All participants are expected to maintain social distancing at all times.
  • All participant will have to download the Aarogya setu app for the entire duration of the ride.
  • Temperature and oxygen check will be done every morning and evening, right from day one.
  • Riding under any sort of influence is not strictly not allowed
  • Let us behave in a manner that respects local people and traditions at all times
  • We intend to travel in a responsible manner and that means leaving the least footprint let us collect all our thrash and dispose it properly and attempt the fgenerate the least amount of plastic waste.
Things To Carry
  • Please note that you will be carrying all your personal luggage on your bike, therefore pack accordingly and bring minimal items to make sure your ride is comfortable.
  • RTPCR Test with negative results or double vaccination certificates
  • You will have to strap your luggage to your bike. Carry your stuff in a duffel bag, soft shoulder bag or a rucksack that you can strap on to your bike. Carry a waterproof cover and straps for your luggage. Please avoid carrying expensive watches, jewellery, and electronic items on the ride. You are responsible for the safety & security of your personal belongings.
Personal items:
  • Personal documents: Drivers License
  • Vehicle documents: RC/ Insurance/ PUC – pl keep all documents handy for inspection on the road if asked by authorities
  • Personal clothing required for hygienic stay and travel
  • Personal toiletries, sunscreen lotion, lip balm
  • A small First-Aid kit and Medicines, any specific medication you may require, torch / flashlight (with extra batteries)
  • COVID Safety Kit; Face masks, gloves, sanitizers etc
  • Basic tool repair ki, extra bungee cords/ luggage locking belts
  • Piece of Nylon rope, spare key of your bike – you can also give this to the ride coordinators for safekeeping
  • High energy snacks
  • Waterproof pouches for securing electronic items
  • Spare spectacles, glass cleaning solution.
  • Light warmers and rain protection wear.
Bike Preparation

We strongly recommend you inspect your motorcycle thoroughly. If you have made any changes recently, ride the bike for a short weekend trip before the tour onset. Head to the nearest Bajaj service centre in case of any concerns.

  • Inspect your suspension before the trip for any signs of leakage or wear out.
  • Check the rear swing-arm bush for wear and tear and replace if necessary.
  • Check your chain and rear sprocket for wear out – if it’s at the end of its life it’s better to change before the ride than after.
  • Make sure that your clutch is in order and adjusted properly without trace of any drag, slip, etc.
  • Check your battery and earthing connections. The demanding terrain and the riding conditions that you and the machine are likely to encounter on the route could further accentuate existing problems.
  • Check all cables for smooth operation if found rough and frayed, replace them.
  • Make a note of your motorcycles fuel consumption – this will help in planning fuel stops.
  • Tyres – make sure your tyres are in good condition. If they are worse for wear it’s better to change before the trip.
Madhya Pradesh Special
  • This ride involves a good mix of highway miles and broken tarmac, translating to long hours in the saddle at various speeds, so a small discomfort can be amplified over time. For the bikes that have had any work done on the aspects that affect handling and stability, e.g., accidental repairs, etc., please take a trial run. Check for wheels running straight, chain tension, handlebar straightness, etc.
  • Stock tyres with good thread life will work, however, if you are keen you could try out various dual sport tyres.
  • Phone mount and USB charger is advisable as it will aid in navigation and phone charging on the move.
Recommended Gear
Riding Gears:
  • Motorcycle helmet with ECE /DOT/ISI/SNELL approved (mandatory). Correct size helmets recommended.
  • Riding jacket with CE approved armour
  • Riding pants/Riding jeans with CE approved armour
  • Riding gloves with knuckle protection (warm liner recommended depending on weather)
  • Riding boots with Ankle Protection.
Dominar Models
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