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Tech and Innovations

Well-renowned for their proprietary innovations, extensive R&D & technological prowess, Bajaj designs & manufactures cost-effective automotive break-through technologies, distributed in over 70 countries.

Bajaj Auto Ltd. has become a world-leader in the two and three-wheeler segments, through persistent R&D of technologies and solutions that make vehicles more durable, efficient and most importantly accessible to all.

DTSI Technology

DTSI Technology DTSI Technology

Bajaj’s patented DTSi - Digital Twin/ Triple Spark Ignition Technology intelligently makes fuel combustion more efficient, adding power and improving mileage to suit all kinds of riding needs in busy cities and open terrains.


DTSI Technology DTSI Technology

Bajaj has smartly designed the ExhausTEC ‘Torque Expansion Chamber’ that significantly amps up torque to derive the best fuel-efficiency on every-day, low and mid-intensity riding and is appreciated by riders across the world.

SNS Suspension

DTSI Technology DTSI Technology

Patented by Bajaj and designed to ensure sage comfort, SNS (Spring-in-Spring) suspension gear enhances balance, reduces recoil and lends mature riding stability, for both the everyday city rider and avid biking enthusiast alike.

4 Valve Technology

DTSI Technology DTSI Technology

Our 4-valve Technology improves engine capabilities by augmenting power produced while keeping the engine healthier for longer, thus significantly increasing durability for bikers the world-over.