Auto Expo 2004. Bajaj Presents 2004 line-up with “Innovation and Excitement”
New Delhi,
15 January, 2004

Excitement no 1: Super 100 Motorcycle
A very stylish bike with a class leading mileage of 100 kmpl (Under Standard conditions) incorporating the “RIDE CONTROL SYSTEM” - a first in motorcycling technology.

Excitement no 2: Bajaj Wave-New Automatic scooter.
A very elegant, powerful and fuel-efficient automatic scooter. The 110 cc Bajaj Wave comes with the advanced “DTSi TECHNOLOGY” and a world class CVI (Automatic transmission).

Excitement no3: Step-shift Chetak 4 –stroke.
This new Chetak 4-S has a unique first of its kind “One-step gear shift” called “WONDERGEAR”. The gear shift now is similar to that in motorcycles requiring to be shifted only one step at a time and it comes back automatically to its original position. It now takes only 30% of the original effort to shift the gears in the new Chetak.

The new 125 cc 4-stroke Chetak delivers good torque, more power (8.1 BHP) and still returns the magic mileage of 75 kmpl (Under Standard Conditions).

Bajaj Technology
One key element of the Bajaj Presentation at the A-Expo is the display of the new Hi-tech DTSi engine that deliver far superior performance than the single spark engines.

The path-breaking new DTSi engines utilize Dual Spark ignition for faster and better combustion. Conventional 2-wheeler engines use one spark plug at one end of the combustion chamber. The disadvantage of the single spark engine is that the flame front takes some time to reach the farthest portion of the combustion chamber. This leads to slower burning of the Air-fuel mixture and creates limitations in optimizing the combustion chamber characteristics. Hence, 2 spark plugs at either ends of the combustion chamber help in faster and better combustion. This superior combustion offers both superior power and superior fuel efficiency besides of course reducing emissions. In fact, the DTSi engines are already 2005 compliant without the use of secondary emission controlling devices.

Bajaj Auto has already introduced the DTSi technology on the Pulsar Twins and would shortly be introducing it on the new Wave scooter. A worldwide patent for this technology has been applied for.

The DTSi engine on the Bajaj Pulsar comes with Digital CDI for optimum ignition timing and TRICS III ignition control system to further optimize performance.

The new Chetak 4-stroke engine with step-shift is also displayed. With this rider friendly technology, the wrist position remains unchanged in all gear positions thus greatly adding to riding convenience and reducing rider fatigue.

Bajaj Auto is also displaying the widest range of motorcycles to power its way in the largest segment of the 2-wheeler industry. The range commences with the great value Boxer and ends with the awesome Eliminator.

Super 100
The new Super 100 offers an ideal combination of economy, performance and style. Powered by the 100 cc K-Tec engine the Super 100 delivers an unbeatable combination of power with 100-kmpl fuel-efficiency in standard test conditions. The full flow design with attractive contoured tank and panels, aluminum die-cast grab-rail, optoprism headlamp promises to make the Super 100 the style leader in the 100 cc category as well.

The transmission is 4-speed foot-shift while the frame is a semi-double tubular cradle. It also has convenience features of a fuel gauge, an ignition-cum-steering lock and lockable side cover and seat.

Pulsar DTSi
The Pulsar twins have taken the market by storm since their launch in Nov'01. They plan to retain their overwhelming performance and styling superiority with the launch of the Pulsar DTSi in October 2003. The DTSi engine consists of the Digital Twin Spark ignition, Digital CDI unit, TRICS III, CV Carburetor all state of the art features that bring the digital biking to a new level. The result is Consistent & Responsive engine output for varying load and speed conditions at different levels of acceleration.

With a host of changes like the new masked front fairing, new rectangular swing arm with an increased wheelbase, new rugged and muscular rear shock absorbers all add to making the bike stand tall above the rest of competition. Such minute details and meticulous planning has been instrumental in making the awesome Pulsar DTSi bikes reach an entirely different orbit in today's world of motorcycling.

Kawasaki Bajaj Wind 125
The feature-loaded Wind125 is designed to deliver the best of performance, comfort, safety and reliability for the executive motorcycle rider.

The Wind 125 comes with a meaty 4-stroke 125cc K-TEC engine offering 10.8 bhp power. The Constant Velocity (CV) carburetor brings greater throttle response and overwhelming power delivery. Its 5 speed synchronized transmission augments smoother engine revving while pulling a lot with amazing ease and grace. A unique feature is the primary kick-start mechanism, which enables starting of the Wind 125 in any gear.

The bike comes with an arresting dual tone making it truly unmistakable on road. The Wind 125 has a long stroke Hydro-Dynamic suspension designed for comfort even on rough roads. The ergonomically designed seat and a saddle height of 800 mm provide for a great riding posture. The aerodynamic frame geometry makes for stability and glide like handling.

The recently launched man-size Caliber 115 is also the style and performance benchmark in the Executive segment.

The meaty 4-stroke, K-TEC engine offers an amazing mileage of 90 kmpl and awesome power of 9.5 bhp, the highest in its category. A unique Optimum Riding Indicator, for the first time in India, shows optimum speed for maximum mileage. The Throttle Responsive Ignition Control System (TRICS) ensures the K-TEC engine gives a good mileage at all times.

The Anti Slide Seat of the new Caliber 115 will ensure that you remain in your position even when you hit the brakes suddenly. Hydrodynamic (HDS) Suspension provides comfort even on rough, bumpy, potholed roads. With rubber mounted handle bar, engine and the silencer the Caliber 115 provides a silky smooth ride.

The Eliminator introduced in 2000-01 continues to ride tall in the motorcycle arena. The 175 cc "chopper" with the "Retro - hi chrome" styling makes a powerful statement for the man who has arrived in life. The extra wide tyres leave a big footprint for high traction besides giving it the big bike look.

The sleek, long-and-low Eliminator design is for those who desire to travel in style.

Also on display are the great value Boxer AR with 4-stroke 115cc K-Tec engine and a range of world-beaters from Kawasaki, Japan. The Kawasaki lineup includes the sporty ZZR 250 and the Ballius -II, two off-roaders-the KLR 250 and the Sherpa, the hi-chrome cruiser the Eliminator 250 and the mother of all bikes the 1000 cc Ninja ZX-10R.

In the Scooter segment, Bajaj Auto has lined up the following offerings:

Bajaj Chetak 4-S with Step-shift
Chetak 4-Stroke now comes with unique Step-shift to technology for greater comfort and convenience. This technology adds to riding convenience and reduces rider fatigue. The engine has also been upgraded to 125 cc to deliver superior performance. The styling has also evolved keeping up with the times, with streamlined contours and attractive optoprism lighting, while yet retaining the tough and rugged legacy that the Chetak is known for.

Bajaj Wave
The Wave is the second vehicle to ride on Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTSi) technology after the grand success of Pulsar 150 DTSi and Pulsar 180 DTSi. The Wave also comes with I- Continuous Variomatic Transmission (i-CVT) to make riding fun on two wheels. The rider friendly 4-stroke has a leading link with co-axial front shock absorber to make for a smooth and stable ride. The 110cc, 4-stroke, DTSi engine enables faster and better combustion resulting in peppy power and superior mileage.

The dual tone colour combination enhances the youthful styling of the Bajaj Wave. The vehicle is bound to find immediate appeal to the young at heart who is waiting to ride an ultimate Automatic scooter.

Bajaj Spirit
The attractive Bajaj Spirit now comes with further enhancements in styling with a dual tone colour combination and optoprism headlamp, tail lamp and indicators. The performance has also been enhanced with the 70cc, 4,3 bhp engine for a breezy ride.

Bajaj has re-engineered the entire 3-wheeler range to offer superior performance and economy combined with low emissions. On display are the hi-load capacity GC1000 goods carrier with a 416 cc Kubota diesel engine and the CNG 4-stroke with ultra low vehicular emissions.

Says Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Joint Managing Director, BAL, "We are launching are the Super 100 motorcycle, the new Wave Automatic scooter and the Step-shift Chetak 4-S, all during the calendar year 2004. These models would provide superior features, unique to its category. These technology innovations are made available to our customers resulting in superior ride quality, with amazing fuel-efficiency at an affordable price. This is what we call “Excitement Engineering”. These products of excellence bear the stamp of quality and reliability that Bajaj is known for. With this new breed of riding machines, Bajaj promises to meet every expectation of consumers in terms of technology, styling and features, not only in India but also around the world."