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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
On reachingLondon,my fathermadeenquiriesas
towhich is theeasiestmatriculationexamination - this
was theminimum required toget intoCambridge.He
determined that itwas theDublinUniversityoneand
somehowpassed thatexamination.Heneeded toalso
passLatin, asubjecthehadneverbeen taught,which
hedid, Ibelieve, by learning theanswersbyheart!
He thenmadeenquires onwhichwill be theeasiest
college inCambridge toget admission. Fitzwilliam
House, hediscovered, was perhaps theeasiest
as itwasnot amajor collegeand itsheadmaster
hada soft corner for India. But healsoknew that
therewouldbeother Indianswithmuchhigher
qualifications thanhis.
Kamalnayanji appliedandwas rejected. He then
decided (I doubtwhether anyoneelsewouldhave
done so) that hewould tryoncemore. He foundout
that theheadmasterwent home for luncheveryday.
Everyday, fifteen
minutes or so
beforenoon, he sat
outside thehead
master’s room.
Hedidnot disturb
at all. Thehead
masterwould see
him sitting there,
and, as expected,
after a fewdays,
mentioned tohim
something to the
effect that, “young
man, I amgoing for
lunchand I cangive
you fiveminutes”.
In thehead
master’s room,
Kamalnayanji gave
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