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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Calcutta, anxious to see his newbornbaby, Rahul, born
on June 10th, andbe reunitedwithSavitri.
In contrast, themood at the
was gloomy. As he
enteredhis 50th year, Jamnalal became increasingly
despondent. Pain from arthritis in the knee and a
botched ear operation after years of neglect and self-
doctoringnodoubt contributed to the lack of well-
being.Depression reached anadirwithinweeks of
Kamalnayan’s return to India.OnNovember 4, 1938
Jamnalal penned a letter toGandhi where he poured out
hismental torment.Hewould later show the anguished
letter toKamalnayan.
The outbreak ofWorldWar II inSeptember 1939
finished the job of completely sabotagingKamalnayan’s
dreams.How could a loving sonnot seek tohelp
inwhateverways he could?With eyeswide shut,
Kamalnayan rolleduphis sleeves.
Chillingwith friends inLondon, 1937
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