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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
As a father,Kamalnayan encouragedhis sons to earn
MBAdegrees. Rahul chose theHarvardBusiness
School, Shishir preferred the SternSchool of Business,
NewYork. As an elder brother,Kamalnayanurged
Ramkrishna not to allowbusiness exigencies to engulf
him and complete his education. Yet he had to cut short
his own education.
“After returning to India in July 1938,Kamalnayan
couldnot goback toCambridge to complete his tripos,”
notes sadlySavitri inher autobiography. “Businesswas
in a bad shape. Jamnalalji was verymuch involvedwith
theCongresswork aswell asGandhiji’s constructive
activities. It was very important toKamalnayan to stay
on in India and see to the business.He never discussed
the problemswithme but I think itmust have been a big
sacrifice for himnot tofinishhis education, onwhichhe
had set his heart.”
Thatmonsoon,Kamalnayanwas in ahappymood.He
had successfully passedCambridge’s stiffEconomics
Tripos’ first year examination.Hemade a beeline for
Savitri, Tata Instituteof Social
Kamalnayan inLondon, studying forhisentranceexam. Behind thephotograph, hewrites:
‘Mr. Bajaj isdwelling ina fool’sparadiseon the frontier of studyor dreaming’.
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