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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
exchange, to understandmachinery and run it. In short
to run amodern organisation.
InKamalnayan’s case, being shunted from school
to school caused some serious damage.He attended
VinobaBhave’s ashram school at Paunar, nearWardha;
MahatmaGandhi’sRashtriyaShala in the Sabarmati
ashram; ValjiDesai’s tutorship inAlmora; Jahangir
&Cooverbai Vakil’s Pupil’sOwnSchool inPune, the
Ceylonese crammer organisedbyBernardAluvihare,
the crammer in theUKwho got him through a
matriculationdegree fromDublinUniversity, before
being forced to abort his studies.
Kamalnayanwas luckier thanRamkrishna.Most ofwhat
Ramkrishna learntwas in jail fromother freedomfighters.
Nodoubt the inmateswere renowned scholars but
theywerenot used topreparing students for theSenior
CambridgeMatriculation examination–aminimum
qualification in India, thenandnow.Ramkrishnahad
barely fortydays of university education.
Bothwere bright.Kamalnayan
learnt from scratch enough of the
Latin language in threemonths
topass an exam on the subject
atmatriculate level. In themid-
1930s, Cambridge attracted the
world’s greatest economists. Its
EconomicTripos coursewas one
of the toughest in theworld.With
nobackground in the subject
–unless you countGandhian
economicswhichhe learnt
from its creator -Kamalnayan
managed to complete the first
year. Ramkrishna read over
250books duringhis numerous
The constant shuntingmarked
Kamalnayan for life. Externally hewas lively and
witty.Only he knewhow lonely he always felt. There
was never enough time in one place tobuild strong
friendships. In the thousands of photographs taken over
a fifty year period in theBajaj archives, there are fewer
than the fingers of one handwhich showhim laughing.
Inhisautobiography, Kakaji, BapuandVinoba, Kamalnayanwroteabout the threemost important
people inhis life. In thispicture,Gandhi selectsVinobaBhaveas the first
A loving son: KamalnayanatPodarCollege, JaipurwithRajendraPrasad,
GhanshyamdasBirlaandSawaiManSingh,Maharajaof Jaipur
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