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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
It’s almost impossible that there is any other
businessman in theworldwhohas had a
tied onhis
boyishwrist by a future primeminister, hadhismarital
problems advised onby another, cleaned the bedroom
of a third anddebated endlessly on theCongress party’s
internalmatterswith a fourth. Jamnalalmay have left
Kamalnayan a fistful of debts onhis death, but the
political heritagewas rich. Bajajwadi was the epicentre
of the early phase of the freedommovement, where the
Quit India decisionwas taken, andwhileGandhi lived
there, was the philosophical nucleus of theCongress
Party.Kamalnayan grewup knowing everyonewhowas
anyone in theCongress party, andmore.
The decade from 1942 to 1952however saw
Kamalnayanputtinghis business in order. By the
time the first LokSabha electionswere announced,
theBajajGroup’s financial positionwas soundwith a
management team inplace. Electoral engagement drew
Kamalnayan like awasp tohoney.
The first LokSabha poll, India’s first national
election, is historic andwas emotional.Held four
years after Independence (once theConstituent
Assembly hadfinishedwriting theConstitution),
campaigning took place betweenOctober 25, 1951
andFebruary 21, 1952.
Anargumentative Indian
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