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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Sunday,April 1, 1945.Kamalnayanwas at home in
Bombay readingGandhi’s press statement publishedby
newspaper. Emotions of pleasure andanxiety
ricocheted insidehim. PleasurebecauseGandhi hadused
RadhakrishnaBajaj - his cousin, playmate and school
friend -was among the thirty facingadeath sentence.
The casehadbeengoingon for three years. “In your and
other leaders’ absence,wehavedonewhateverwe could,”
KamalnayanpleadedwithGandhi. “Wehope that now
youare released, theywill not behanged.Wedon’t know
what todo.Their lives arenow in your hands.Youhave
to takeup this case.Or else tell us howwe shouldproceed
further.We cannot bear this anymore.”
Kamalnayan once had aspirations tobe a lawyer. At
Cambridge,mixingwith law students over dinners,
the longing grew. But shivers randownhis spinewhen
facedwith a legal nightmare. Jamnalal was nomore.
First challenge: avoidbeing arrested in order tomount
Radhakrishna’s defence.Next: findways to counter
Bajaj familywith JawaharlalNehruandRavishankarShuklaatBajajwadi; Standing1st row (L-R)BharatNarayan, Rahul, Ramkrishna, Shriman
Narayan, Radhakrishna, RameshwarprasadNevatia, Kamalnayan, SushilNevatia, andSuman Jain. InChairs (L-R)MadalsaNarayan, Vimla, Jawaharlal
Nehru, Jankidevi, RavishankarShukla, JankiprasadPoddar andSavitri. Standing last row (L-R)Girdhari Kripalani,Draupadi Kripalani, VinooKripalani
andGangabisanBajajGround. (L-R)RajatNarain, Shekhar, AartiNevatia,DeepakKripalani, AzadiNevatiaandShishir, circaearly1950s.
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