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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Kamalnayan toAhmedabad. A fewdays into themarch,
Kamalnayan’sweakness and swelling of the eyesworried
Bapu.He took charge.
“I had to report toBapuji every day as tomy
temperature, diet, activity, etc. Bapujimademe fast,
and earthpoulticeswere applied to the eyes. The fever
got under control, but the eyes kept going frombad
toworse.He became very anxious and informedmy
father aboutmy illness. The latterwas busywith the
salt satyagraha atVileParle, Bombay.He replied that
whatever treatment Bapuji thought best shouldbe given
tome; and that, if necessary, hewould send somebody
to takeme toVileParle. I declined to gohome, forwe
were under a pledge,” recalledKamalnayan in 1948.
An eye specialist fromAhmedabad appeared. “Bapu got
my eyes examinedby the doctor, who thought that I had
lostmy left eye, or at least it was beyond repair, and if
proper carewas not immediately taken, Imight lose the
right one also. Bapuji askedme to gowithKakasaheb
to theGujaratVidyapith andputmyself under the
treatment of the eminent doctor.”
“I said toBapuji: ‘Though
I respect the doctor’s
opinion, I have complete
faith in you and your
treatment.’ Bapuji said: ‘I
am ready to experiment
on you, but are you ready
to lose your eyes?Though
the earthpoultices have
not given any encouraging
results as far as the eyes
are concerned, your
general healthhas improved, and if youhave faith in
nature cure, you should continue it.’ For nearly three
weeks I lived onmilk and thereafter on a liquiddiet of
curd and fruit juice, and applied earthpoultices to the
eyes and the stomach. Innearly sixweeks I completely
recovered. The eyeswere as good as, or perhaps better
than, theywere ever before; and themalignantmalaria,
whichhadpersisted for about two years, also leftme.”
The twomen sharedanunbreachable trust in eachother.
ANovember 1945 crisis in theNagpurBank (foundedby
Jamnalal,managedbyKamalnayan) showed the extent
ofGandhi’s faith inKamalnayan.Gandhi haddeposited
funds belonging to various trusts in thebank.Advised to
withdraw these funds,Gandhi categorically refused.
SaltSatyagraha (DandiMarch)
Gandhi comingout of hishut atSevagramwithSavitri andMadalsa,with
Kamalnayana stepbehind
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