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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
DadajiNo 1: Jamnalal’s biological fatherKaniram
Bajaj.DadajiNo 2: SethBachhraj who adopted
Jamnalal.DadajiNo 3:MKGandhi who adopted
Jamnalal as his fifth son.
An observantman,Gandhi kept awatchful eye on every
one inhis vicinity. But itmay truthfully be said that
no other Indian family received asmuch ofGandhi’s
attention as did theBajaj family.Kamalnayan got
more loving attention from
Gandhi than from Jamnalal
and Jankidevi, andperhaps
more thanGandhi lavished on
his own children. Even in the
busiest of times.
The Salt Satyagrahawas
a decisive turning point in
Gandhi’s political agenda,
yet it wasGandhi who took
time out to treat a very ill
teenager. Jamnalal and Janaki
were among the organisers.
Jankidevi was eager that
Kamalnayan should join the
march.When shewent to
pick upKamalnayan from
Wardha, hewas downwith
104° fever.Malaria and kala
azar over a two year spanhad
weakenedhim. A tall 15 year
old, hisweight haddropped to
72 lbs. Even so, Janaki brought
Blessings fromBapu
(a)Dadaji 1: KaniramBajaj
(b)Dadaji 2: SethBachhraj
(c)Dadaji 3:MKGandhi
(d)DadiMa: BirdibaiwithKamalnayan
(e)KasturbaGandhiwith Jankidevi,
SevagramAshram, circa1936
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