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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
On return from the secondRoundTableConference, Bapudesiredall theworkers
whohadparticipated in theSaltMarch, to return toSabarmatiAshram. Accordingly,
Kamalnayanalso leftAlmora forAhmedabad.On theway, hehaltedatBageshwarnear
Almora, toattendanannual fair.Onknowing thathewasJamnalalBajaj’s son, the local
Congressman requestedhim to speakat apublicmeeting in the fair. Thegovernmenthad,
however, imposed section144, banning theholdingof anymeetingson theoccasion.
Kamalnayandidnotwant tobreakanygovernment regulationsandwasanxious to return to
SabarmatiAshramasearlyaspossible. But theCongressworkershadalreadyannouncedhis
nameasoneof the speakers. Kamalnayanwascompelled to speakbrieflyat themeeting.He,
alongwithothers,was immediatelyarrestedandkept in thepolice lock-up for a fewdays.
TheMagistrate sentencedhim to sixmonths’ rigorous imprisonmentwitha fine, placedhim
in the ‘C’ Classand senthim toAlmora jail. After a fortnight, hewas transferred toHardoi jail
wherehewaskept for about fivemonths.
At theageof 17, he lost about 42 lbsowning tohardworkandpoor food in theprison.
Subsequently, hewas transferred toBareillyDistrict JailwhereVijayalakshmi Pandit and
herhusband, RSPandit,werealsodetained. Sincehewasgiven ‘A’ Classhere, he regained
about 20 lbs.
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