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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Requisitioned, 1947
Due tocommunal disturbances inLahore from
themonthofMay1947, LahoreFactorycouldnot
workproperlyandhad to remainclosed for several
months.During thedays immediatelyprecedingand
following thePartitionof thecountrya large
number of theLahore factory staff continued to
remain thereandwere thusable to save the factory
fromdamage topropertyand stocks from thehandsof
the riotersat Lahore. Indoing this; theydisplayed
courageanddevotion toduty forwhichweextendour
warmappreciationand sincere thanks to them.
Aboutmiddleof September, the factorywas restarted
byour twoEuropeanEngineerswhocontinued to stay
there,with suchnumber ofworkersascouldbe
available. Toour surprise, however, in the lastweekof
September1947, anoticewaspastedby the
WestPunjabGovernment onour Lahore factory
gate that the factoryhasbeen requisitionedby them
under theWestPunjabEconomicRehabilitation
Ordinance, 1947.OurStaffwashowever allowed to
continue towork the factory till 3rdNovember1947,
when suddenly the factorywas sealedby theWest
PunjabGovernment and since then ithas remained
Strongprotestshavebeen lodgedbyuswith the
WestPunjabandPakistanGovernment against
thisarbitraryaction, especiallyas the factorywas
not desertedand somedepartmentshad started
workinganda labour forcecontinued to increase,
all departmentswouldhavecommencedworking
induecourse. Asaconsiderablequantityof coal
fromour factoryhasbeen takenover by theWest
PunjabGovernment, itwasnot possible towork some
departments forwant of coal. Representationshave
alsobeenmade to theGovernment of India requesting
them to takeup thematterwith thePakistan
Government. Theyhave informedus that theyhave
sent communication to thePakistanGovernment
regardingour factory.
Inviewof theabove situation, it becomesnecessary
that as far aspossible, the resourcesof thecompany
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