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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Mukand’sboardofdirectorsatwork, 1958 [L-R]
:DSMulla, Rasiklal JChinai,MadanmohanRamnarainRuia, Kamalnayan, PralhadBhat,
KeshavdeoNevatia, VirenShah
to theCustodian, Evacuees Property, Punjab, Jullunder,
for confirmation of the transfer of the shares in our
name.We have alsofiled an applicationwith theHigh
Court at Simla for rectification of ShareRegister of the
BatalaEngineeringCo. Ltd., Batala.”
The process dragged on and on for years. But the
Bajajs eventually got control of the Batala unit. It was
not even half the value of what they had lost, but it
was something. The Latifs’ fatewas less happy. The
Pakistan government took control of their Lahore
unit in 1972. “At the time it was nationalised, it was
an industry leader with 6,000 employees. It is now an
industrial graveyard,”CMLatif lamented before
his death.
Thiswas the future. 1947was the now.
TheLahore factorywas lost. TheBombay unit was too
small tobe a standalone unit. TheBatala handoverwas
a knownunknown. The debate in the boardroomwas
fierce. Liquidate or continue?
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