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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
of Partition. ThemaindriverwasCMLatif, born in the
Indian town of Batala (Punjab). At age 25he built the
Lahore unit in 1932, theBatala unit in 1942.
OnOctober 28, 1950, the Indian government
promulgated theAdministration of EvacueeProperty
Act, 1950. Its object was to take charge ofMuslim
evacuee properties and compensate Indian refugees
whohad lost their properties inPakistan. Amongst
the earliest tomake an applicationunder the new act
OnNovember 30, 1950,Kamalnayanupdated
Mukand’s shareholders. “TheCompany has conveyed
its Lahore factory to theBatalaEngineeringCo
(Pakistan) Ltd, Lahore byway of aDeed of Conveyance
and executed in favour of thatCompany in exchange for
shares of the paidup value ofRs. 9,74,357-12-3 of the
BatalaEngineeringCoLtd, Batala in the State of Punjab
in India amounting to about 85% of the total paidup
capital of thatCompany previously heldby itsMuslim
and other directors and shareholders now inPakistan
togetherwith landunder that factorymeasuring about
21000 sq yards ownedby itsMuslimmanaging director
andhis brothers. That company has got at Batala one
factory havingmainlymachine shop, cast iron foundry
and a small steel re-rollingmill. Part of it is beingworked
at present by theCustodianEvacuees Property, Punjab
(India).Out of the abovementioned shares, shares of
the paidup value of aboutRs. 9,56,000/- have been
receivedby uswithTransferDeeds.We have, under the
Administration of Evacuees PropertyAct 1950, applied
Making thebest ofwhat lifehandsout: the sad storyofBatalaEngineering
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