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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
induction intobusinesswas in theKarachi office.He
was among the last topull out.We have no idea of the
cost of closing down theKarachi branch andwinding up
the operations inPakistan.
We still don’t knowhowmany peoplemigrated or how
many diedduringPartition, but around tenmillion
refugees probably crossed thewesternborder; and
roughly onemilliondied en route. It remains theworld’s
biggestmigration, and one of themost savage. Among
thosewhofled Indiawere three brotherswhohad a steel
mill inLahore – and one in India. Like theBajajs, the
Latifs couldnot get their headswrapped around the idea
TheLahoreplant is requisitionedbyPakistanauthorities
onNovember3, 1947
Assessingwhat’s tobedone to save the situation. Jamnalal in thecentre, hisclose friend JeevanlalMotichand (at theback, incap). In front and to the
right isKeshavdeoNevatia. Lahore, 1939.
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