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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
During theyeardespiteshortageof rawmaterials,
andnumerousother problems, theElectrical Industry
hashadacommendablegrowth. Theproductionof
items likeelectric lamps, fluorescent tubesand
transformershas increased steadily. I hadmentioned
last year thatunless foreignexchange for capital
goods for expanding themanufactureof components
was released immediatelyno furthermajor expansion
wouldbepossible. It isheartening that the
Governmenthavenow realised theneed for
immediateexpansionof capacity for components.
With thegraceofGodwehavecompleted twenty-
fiveyearsandwereable tocelebrateSilver Jubilee
functionsat all our branches ... In these twenty-five
years, starting from small beginningswitha saleof
Rs. 29,327 in the first year theCompanyhasattained
anannual turnover of nearlyRs. 4crore. The impact
of theCompany’s sales through its thirteenbranches
and two territorial agencies is felt throughout the
country.Weareproudof ourmenwhoare responsible
for thisgrowth.
Kamalnayanembracedmarketingandhadan impish senseof fun. Anearlyexampleof theBajajGroup’sadvertising,
these twocreativesweredesigned in-house in1957.
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