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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
The company embedded aBajaj CookeryCentre in
Bombay’sCollege ofHome Science, “to serve as a
laboratory for students to learn the use of electrical
appliances in cooking and also for continuous testing
of our appliances to enable us to effect product
improvement from time to time”, wroteKamalnayan.
In India, calendars have a universal appeal, and the
company annually brought them out. And tried towin
asmany awards as possible for its advertising.Direct
marketing in those dayswas referred to as ‘public
relations activities’ – andBajaj Electricals had a busy
schedule for local promotions.
Once a basic pan-India sales anddistributionnetwork
was inplace,Kamalnayan joinedFMCG companies
likeHindustanLever inworkinghisway outwards from
cities topenetrate rural India.
OnOctober 1, 1960, RadioLampWorks becameBajaj
Electricals, andwas out of thewoodswithprofits of
Rs. 14 lakh from sales ofRs. 2.39 crore. By 1972, sales
wereRs. 10.98 crore andprofitsRs. 68 lakh.
A good turnaround, nodded analysts.
Earlyprint advertisement, 1959
Earlymailer, 1968
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