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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Inmanagement terms, the outsourcing strategy
requireddeveloping different competencieswithin the
organisation. From running a large in-house production
line,managers nowhad tobe taught to goout of the
plant to the ramshackle factories of their vendors. They
had to guide freshlyminted entrepreneurs onhow
to treat theirmachines, how tomaintain consistent
quality, how to train their even rawerworkers.Within
Bajaj Electricals, thismeant recruitingmanagerswho
couldnurture stubborn and idiosyncratic promoters,
abovemanagerswho could critique trained engineers.
The logistics teamhad tobecomemore dextrous,
the accounts departmentmore vigilant. Brand equity
gradually grew in value.
Thebigger challenge in the1960s, however,was to
popularise andpromotebetter useof electrical appliances.
Togenerate awareness, the company regularly
participated in trade-cum-consumer fairs. It alsohad
a livelyoutreachprogram forwomen.Oneparticular
contest attractedover ten thousand entries. “A selection
ofVegetarianRecipeswas brought out on theoccasion
of theWorldVegetarianCongress,”noted theplump,
diabetic and vegetarian chairmanwith satisfaction.
RadioLampWorkspavilionat the ‘IndiaCanMake It’ Exhibition, Bombay, 1959
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