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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
With the balance sheet cleanedup, a capable
management team inplace, shareholders getting regular
dividends again, it was time to concentrate on growth.
Over the next decadeKamalnayan transformedRadio
LampWorks. A clear
strategymap gradually
emerged. Sales climbed
throughmarketing and
brandbuilding, and the
distributionnetworks. The
company had tobe in
lighting in asmany forms as possible; and in
consumer electricals from fans to irons, and from
kettles tomore. Thewide spectrumproduct strategy
was achieved through acquisitions, such as the fan
business from theKathotias (Matchwel), in-houseR&D
and outsourcing.
In the 1960s the product portfoliomushroomed.
Kamalnayan opened his doors to anyonewho could
make an interesting product.When few thought of
giving importance to the small scale industry and
more than a quarter century before the government
introduced reservation for appliances and luminaires,
Kamalnayan realised that Bajaj Electricals should
act as amarketing umbrella. Small scale has
entrepreneurship, technology andmanufacturing
capability.What they lack ismarketing and finance
whichBajaj Electricals could take care of. Sixty
years later and counting, more than 70% of Bajaj
Electricals products continue to be sourced from other
manufacturers and at least 50% of that is sourced from
the small scale industry.
Until Kamalnayancameon the
scene,marketing, socritical for
consumer products, barelyexisted.
RadioLampWorksdidnot even
havea logo. Thebusiness that
started in1938 finallygot a logo
Kamalnayan (centre) atwork, guidingRamkrishna (2nd from left),
trustedadvisorsandmanagers. RadioLampWorks, 1958.
Bajaj Electricals tookproducts tovillagesandgave livedemonstrations
to farmers,winningaplace in the ruralmarket
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