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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
HindLampswas started ina rural backward
area, devoidof employment opportunitiesand
industrial culture.Graduallyancillary industriescame
up, enhancingemployment. In itsearlydays,Hind
Lampswasdependent on itsowngasused for blowing
glass. Thegaswasmanufactured fromcokeandpart
of itselectric supplybydiesel generators. Thegas
productiongaveaquantityof tar thatwecouldnot
get ridof other thanby tarringour own roads
regularlywith the inconvenienceof soiling the floors
in thecolony.
In1969 the relationshipbetweenmanagement and
theworkforcewas somewhat strained. To improve
communication, agatheringwasorganisedon the
lawn in front of the factory,where for the first time,
theworkers’ representativeaddressedhiscolleagues
withmanagement and staff inattendance. A.J. van
Lierrehad just come tous from theNetherlandsas
the latestGeneralManager.Headdressed them in
somewhatunderstandableHindi.Whereas inother
partsof India, particularlyCalcutta, labour relations
were strained,HindLamps in theyears1969-72
Asapioneer in lamp-making,HindLampsbecamea
sort of almamater for engineers, supplying trained
talent to the industry.
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