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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
HindBoardofDirectors in1974. (L-R)Standing1st row:
Ramkrishna, RPMithal, PChari (Philips).
Standing2nd row:
MLGauba, PRDeshpandey (Crompton).
Standing3rd row:
GMukherjee,Mrs. Ramamurtham,HSMamak, ADuttRoy, Raj Sarin, VRamamurtham (Philips), PAVishwanathan (General ElectricCompany,
JLusink,Mrs.Gauba,Mrs. VanTilburg, RPNevatia (Chairman),Mrs. Lusink, JJGChvanTilburg (Philips),Mrs.DuttRoy.
was an association of four European companies: Philips,
General ElectricCompany (not tobe confusedwith
USA’sGeneral Electric), CromptonParkinson and
AssociatedElectrical Industries. In 1961, Philips offered
Kamalnayan a stake in a tungstenfilaments plant it was
planning.He accepted.Kamalnayan sawno reason
to change the agreement even after Philips finally
succeeded in entering electric lampmanufacture by
buying theBombay-basedOsler ElectricLamps
Factory in 1962.
The annual reports show rapid growth in the 1960s.
Owing to a shortage of lamps, the government
removed the industry from the banned list onApril
1, 1969. HindLamps held a licence to increase
its capacity of 19.4m units by 4m units. Even as
Kamalnayan andPhilips speeded the process of
importing the necessary equipment, they drew up
plans for further capacity expansion. Fluorescent tube
productionwas doubled by starting a second shift
fromApril 1969.
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