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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Frits Philips
TheHindLampsboardmeetingswerealwaysvery interesting inwhich therewereoneor
two issuesof seriousnature, and the rest of the timewas spent onexchangingnoteson the
lighting industry. In thoseyears,when the industryhadvery fewplayers, theHindboard
meetings set the toneof the industry’s strategy fordevelopment in thecountry. Themost
respected ‘Swadeshi’ Bajaj, and the industry leader and ‘Foreign’ company, Philips, brought
on the tableabalancedapproach,whichwas thencarried throughanddiscussedat the
industry lampassociation, ELCOMA. All thiswasdone ina friendlyandcooperative spirit,
inspiteof the fiercecompetitivemarket standsof the twocompanies.
, 1993
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