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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
EnricoPiaggio took an entire decade to sell one lakh
Vespas.Ditto forKamalnayan andRahul Bajaj. Piaggio
crossed the finishing line in 1956; Bajaj Automet the
challenge in 1970.
The IndianVespa became sopopular that a flourishing
secondarymarket developed. A customer fortunate
enough tobe allotted one could sell it the nextmoment
at double the price.Movie directors shot scooter chases.
ABajaj scooter became a regular dowry demand among
middle-class families.
The father-son duo refused to exploit the situation.
Holding the price line became an ethical issue, a
modern twist toGandhian trusteeship concepts
imbibed during childhood. “Ensuring that the
consumer obtains the best possible product at the
lowest possible price and the employee gets a fair
wage for a day’s work is the criterion of ethics in
business,” they insisted. The government admitted
that Bajaj Auto had not taken “any undue advantage
of its dominant position”, but it still refused to relax
Rahul celebrates the100,000thVespaproduced in theAkurdi plant
Crashing the100,000mark, 1970
Thedifficultyof beinggood
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