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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Dowhat you thinkbest, butbe thebest
atwhat youdo
Everyentrepreneur startshis long journeywitha
small first step -oneproduct foronecustomer, be that
an individual, anorganisation, oramarket. It takeshim
all the resourcesathisdisposal tomake the transition
fromhavingaclever idea tomanagingasustainable
business. Inevitablyhisprogressivesuccess reachesa
pointwhere furthergrowthbecomes incremental.
Theentrepreneur, nowemboldenedby somenotionof
amidas touch,mullshisnext product forhis satisfied
customer in thehope that thevirtuouscycle repeats
itself. Contrary toexpectation it oftendoesnot,
especially in large, open, competitivemarkets.We
haveexperienced thiscontra-intuitive truth firsthand
atBajaj Autoestablishedbymy illustriousgrandfather
Shri KamalnayanBajaj.
BajajAutostarted lifewithascooterwhich, in its
legendaryavataras theChetak, ensured thatby the
1980s itsmakerhadsealed itsplacenotonlyat the
heightsofbusinesscharts, butalso in thedepthsof
Indianhearts, as ‘Hamara (our)Bajaj’.ButeveryBajaj
two-wheeler that subsequently followed itsscooters in
the formofamoped,motorcycle, or scooterettewas,
withoutexception, abusiness failure.Moreover,Bajaj
scooterswereunable tocarry their successoverseas,
and theshift in the Indianmarketover the1990s from
scooters tomotorcyclessaw them fadeby2007 into
littlemore thananendearingmemory.
It seemed tous that somewhere in itspursuit of
growth, Bajaj Autohad fallen foul of its founder’s
standard for excellence:Dowhat you thinkbest, but
be thebest atwhat youdo, Kamalnayanji hadaverred.
Seeking togrowacrossmultiple segmentsBajaj
Autohadmasteredonlyone, and that tooonly in the
context of itshomemarket.
TobeworthyofKamalnayanji’s scrutinywe thought it
necessary to turnour strategyon itshead - frombeing
the lowest costmanufacturer of various two-wheelers
for the Indianmarket, tobecoming themost profitable
marketer ofmotorcycles for theworld.Our journey
asaglobalmotorcycle specialist beganwith the
audacious launchof our indigenouslydevelopedhigh
performance sportsmotorcycle, thePulsar, in2001.
Its instant success representedour first experienceof
Ever since, ridingon thisnew found focusof aligning
theorganisationand its valuechain - employees,
suppliers, dealers, agenciesandother partners -Bajaj
Autonowhasmarket dominatingmotorcyclesacross
theworld, ranging from the ‘Stronger for Longer’
Boxers inAfrica, to the ‘Ready toRace’ KTMs in the
developedmarketsof theUS, Europe, and Japan.
In just thirteenyearsBajaj Autohasbecome the
world’s3rd largestmotorcyclemaker,withalmost
half itsproductionbeingexported, andalso sports the
highest operatingmarginof any two-wheelermaker in
Kamalnayanji exemplified thewisdomof pursuing
excellenceandembodied thecourageof being
focussedwhiledoing so.Marching tohisbeat I’m sure
thatwewill live true to the sentiment that eachoneof
usatBajaj Autocherishes:weareproudof ournation,
andwework tomakeournationproud.
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