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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Mygrandfather Kamalnayanji passedawaywhen
Iwas less than three years old. I have faintmemories
of his visits toour home inAkurdi, Pune. Healways
spent some time chattingwithme, andgaveus
Cadbury chocolateswhich I loved.
One sayingof hishas stayedwithme to these times.
Itwent something like this: ‘
vyaparmei daanhona
’ insteadof somepeoplewho find ‘
’. Itwashis solemnbelief thatwhilewemust
dowell inbusiness, itsbenefitmust spreadacross
society. Everyactionof hiswas focusednot on the
narrow interestsof a fewbut for the larger good. In
recent years,wehavebeen taught aboutCorporate
Social Responsibility, butKamalnayanji espoused it
manydecadesago.We try to followhimby focusing
oncreating long termvalue inour businesses for all
stakeholders. Everybusinessmust demonstratehow it
delivers superior productsand services tocustomers
vs. our competitors, buildsanentrepreneurialwork
environment that rewardsexcellence, thoughtful
risk takingand speedyaction–all toprovidea stable
valuecreationopportunity toour shareholders.
InBajaj Finance,wedecidedwhilebuildingour loan
business,wewouldnot chargecustomersany
pre-payment penalty (an industrynorm) andbe
completely transparent inother charges, and thishas
earnedusa loyal set of customers. InBajaj Allianz
General Insurance,wehavebuilt an internal team for
settlingmotor andhealthclaims so thatweprovide
a fair, consistent, and speedyexperience toour
policyholders in their timesof need.
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