Kamalnayan Bajaj - page 29

KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Evenwhenwholesalepricesballooned, Kamalnayan insisted
consumers shouldnot suffer. Bajaj Auto, 1971.
We have cut prices of scooters
and 3 - wheelers, though
Our prices were already the lowest.
They have not risen for six years.
Prices of all articles, including cars, trucks,
motorcycles & scooters
–– other than have shot up.
Costs, including materials, components and
labour have sky - rocketed
scooter is in such demand that delivery
is ten years hence.
Yet, we have slashed prices, so that
consumers benefit by over Rs. 55 lacs a year !
We have fought inflation !
Thecheapest and thebest! ABajaj Autoadvertisement, 1972. As theorder
book lengthened, therewasnopoint inadvertising.
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