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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Tilling the land, eating onlywhat the ashram could
produce,Kamalnayan knewwhat it was tobe a farmer,
hungry andpoor – likemost of India. It would take
India decades toupgrade to an emerging economy.
Ever conscious of low consumer purchasing power,
Kamalnayan kept prices of his productsminimal.Gains
fromproductivity or efficiencywere promptly passed on
to the consumer.
In all his companies,Kamalnayan closelymonitoredhis
products against various indices.He took an economist’s
pridewhenever a product’s selling price risewas lower
than inflation.His commitment to constant innovation
and improvements inquality spoke of the engineer in
him. And the group’s advertising owed its creativity to
his love of design and impish sense of fun. The salesman
inhim strove to expanddistributionnetworks. The
humanitarian tried to keepworkers’ salaries as high as
possible. Pulling together these elementswas the logical
mathematician inhim that sought toderive trends from
fragments of data in a chaotic country.
Pass thebenefitsof cost reductionprograms toconsumers,
insistedKamalnayan - even for small items likeelectricbulbs.
Bajaj Electricals, 1956.
Your labour isworthyof yourhire.Mukand, 1957
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