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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
I knewKamalnayan sincehewas threeyearsold.
Hewashandsome, agileandcourageousduringhis
childhood.Oncehewaschallenged to jump intoa
well andheactually jumped. This isanexampleof his
confidence.He seldomcared for theconsequence.
In1942,when JamnalalBajajji expired,wewere
concernedabouthow tokeep thecommitment that
Jamnalalji hadmade for donatingmoney for various
charitableworks. The familydidnothavemanyassets
at that time. Itwas just a few lakhout ofwhich itwas
difficult todonatemoney for all thecommitments.
Butwhatever differencesKamalnayanhadwithhis
father, hisadmiration forhis father andespecially
his idealswerenot lowbyanymeans.He fulfilled the
commitment and invested theproperty left byhim
towards thisgoal.
After thedeathof his father, Kamalnayan launched
certain small industries but didnot succeed. The
reasonwas that hedidnot focus onbusiness and left
everything tomanagers. The fact is that hedidnot
like interfering inday-to-daymanagement of things.
He intervenedonlywhen serious issues emerged.
Thisparticularweakness stayed life-longwithhim.
Inmyopinion, his lackof a systematiceducation
was the reasonbehind it as otherwisehepossessed
abundant business acumenandwashugely
Hisbrainwas reallyvery sharpwhen it came to
financial issuesand thegainful useof capital. It
washis risk-takingprofessional intelligence that
impressed themost.Whenhe launchedBajaj Auto,
theoriginal company, Bachhraj TradingCorporation,
had lost almost itsentirecapital in theexport business
andhiscompanionswerenot inaposition to thinkof
anynewventure; but athisown riskKamalnayan took
thehelpof peoplewhocouldbehelpful in investment
andmanagement. Andheprovedhismettlebymaking
Bajaj Autoa successful venture.
Kamalnayanapplied the same foresightednessand
initiative toBajaj Electricals too. Itsoriginal namewas
RadioLampsWorks. ASindhi businessmanhad
launched thiscompanyandmanaged it.During the
partitionof India, he foundhimself ina fixanddidnot
have themoney.Hecame toKamalnayan. At that
time, RadioLampsWorks’ saleswerenot sogood, but
Kamalnayan’s foresight sawa risingdemand in the
comingdaysandknew that thiswouldbeaprofitable
bargain. Therefore, after duedeliberation, he took
over thiscompany. Subsequently it turnedout tobea
A truthful person
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