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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Mybest teacher
Notmuchcanbe saidabout thebusiness
activitiesduring the timesofmygrandfather. Itmainly
involvedprocessingof cotton, less than twohundred
peoplewereengaged in it and theannual turnover
wasaroundacroreof rupees.Moreover, Jamnalalji
alwaysgaveawaymore incharity thanwhathe
earned. As regardsbusiness sense, Kakaji
(Kamalnayanji)was far greater thanhis father. Kakaji
foundedandbuiltupon theedificeof our business
almost fromgroundup.
I donot claim thathedid this single-handedly.My
uncle (Ramkrishnaji Bajaj) alsoplayedavital role.
TheywereablyhelpedbyShri RameshwarjiNevatia
andothers. Andof course therewere the loyal and
capableexecutives. But if thecredit for establishing
thisbusinesswere togo tooneperson, that person
Henever involvedhimself or spent time in the
minutiaeof day-to-dayactivities, so in this regard,
hisabsence isperhapsnot felt thatmuchbyus.His
absence is felt themostwhenwe rememberhisgreat
graspof businessmatters. If theneedarosehecould
give such insightful ideasand solutions thatnoneof
uscouldhaveever thought of. It isbecauseof such
inputs that theBajajGroupcould rise to suchheights
within sucha short spanof time. Ifwehadhad the
benefit ofKakaji’sguidance for aneven longer period,
itwoulddoubtlesshavehelped raise thebusiness to
Hedidnot onlyact byhis instincts.Hewouldapplyhis
intelligence rationallyandobjectivity toevery issue,
andyetwitha touchof humanism.Hehadgreat faith
inhisanalytical skills.
His logicalwayof thinkingensured thathenever
sought the refugeof fate.Hedidbelieve inGod, but
hewasnot onewhokeepscomplainingabouthis fate.
Heused to say that thosewho relyon fateachieve
little;whatever oneacquires ispossibleonly through
a scientificandobjectiveapproach.
Hehadhisownwayof explainingwork-efficiency.
Assume thatwehave two light bulbs–onehasa
ratingof 100Watts,while theother is rated10Watts.
A100Wbulb that givesoff light equivalent to that of
a65Wbulb,will have tobecalledan inefficient one.
On theotherhand, a10Wbulbgivingoff 11W isnot
onlyefficient in itself, but it isalsomoreefficient than
the100Wone. Thiswashis favouriteexample.
True to thisnature, hewasnever botheredabout
successor failure.Hebelievedonly inaction.He
believed that apersonought to tryhisbest to
completea task thathasbeen takenup, irrespective
of howdifficult itmight be.He felt that the line
dividing successand failure isavery thinone.
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