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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
My son is takenaway fromme
Youareawarehow intimatewasmy relationwith Jamnalal. Therewasnoworkwhich I did inwhichhis
full co-operation inbody,mindandwealthwasnot available.Neither I norhewere fondofwhat isknownas
politics.Heenteredpoliticsbecause Iwas in it. Butmy real politicswasconstructivework.
Andhispoliticsalsowas the same. I hadhoped that aftermehewouldcarryon thoseworksofminewhich
wouldbe regardedasof special importance.Hehadalsoassuredme to thiseffect. ButGodalonecan fulfil
Sonand father atwork– Jamnalal andGandhi
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