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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Kakaji, however, didnot look after his health either by
way of diet or regular exercise.He triedbut, withhis
travels andpartly perhaps because of his temperament,
he didnot succeed.Hewas not good at takingmedicines
either.He suffered fromdiabetes and even after his
heart attack in 1969, he didnot take proper care of his
health.Of course,medical science in India in the late
60’swas not what it is today.
When the family decided to celebrate his birth centenary
which falls on 23rd January, 2015, it was suggested to
bring out a pictorial bookwhich inbrief would give to
the readersKakaji’s thought process, value systems and
achievements. This iswhat this book is all about. It is
not a regular biography. A great deal ofmaterial had to
be collectedby familymembers, peopleworking in the
Bajaj group companies andbyMukulUpadhyaya and
his son, Aditya. Sudhir Sharma andTarunThakkar
were responsible for the art work anddesign.Wewere
really fortunate to getGita, who is busy doing post-
doctoral research inOxfordUniversity andwith
another important project, to agree to author this book
even though she hadnevermetKakaji.
And, what an author she is andhow shemade all of
uswork! But it was clear that sheworked the hardest
of us all.
Everyoneworked as a close knit team. And, worked
under tremendous pressure of time. It was decided that
the book shouldbe ready before January 23, 2015 and
this has been achieved. It was decided tobring out the
book inEnglish andHindi. TheHindi versionwill come
out soon.
Though this is a foreword andnot an acknowledgement,
I cannot but helpput on record the very long association
with theBajaj family/group of the threemajor
contributors to this book. 
Mukul is the son ofMartandUpadhyaya, whohad
compiled/edited all theworks ofKakaji, besides
publications related to Jamnalalji.  Sudhir has been
known toRajiv, Sanjiv andme for about 20 years
andhas helped companies likeBajaj Auto andBajaj
Finserv in their designwork.  He also assistedKumud
indesigning the bookDEARRAHULwhich the family
brought out onmy 70thbirthday.Gita of course knows
almost everymember of theBajaj family and I consider
her a very close and special friend, who is ahighly
accomplishedperson inmanyways, besides being a
renownedhistorian of Indianbusiness.
To our forefatherswe owe a debt whichwe cannot
repay. This book is a tribute toPujyaKakaji in fond
remembrance from all of us in theBajaj family.
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