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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Nomemorial shouldbe erected, and specifically none at
the place of cremation.
Condolencemessages shouldbe acknowledged in red
(symbolic of festive event unlike black ink used for conveying
bad or sad news).
WhenKakaji died, acknowledgements
were sent in red ink.Hewas a pious soul.We hadno
right tomournhim yetmy inner self felt compelled to
do so. But hewas special. I amnot a pious soul.What
Goddoes is for good.Wemay not comprehend it.One
is sad, but we shouldnot observe sorrow. This tenet
should continue.
Allmy life, I have prayed toGod for continuance of
faith inHim. I thought it was enough. Perhaps it is
enough for some. Forme, purity of heart fell short of the
desired level.Not tohave ill-will against any one should
be prayed for. Pray toGod that Imay achieve this, don’t
pray formy long life.
Familymembers should continue todo thework of Bapu
andVinoba inwhatevermeasure possible.Help other
relatives todo the same. If the family canwork following
Kakaji’s principles, theymust do so. If others do it, the
family couldhelpby providing for their sustenance.
(The original letter of wishes is inHindi. Translator comments in
italics and brackets)
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