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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
Iwas never scared of death,more sonow. If I am told
todepart infiveminutes, I’m still not worried. This
does notmean that I don’t wish to, orwouldnot even
try to, live.
I have nodisappointments of any sort or any
regrets.Nor do I feel sadness, sorrow, unhappiness,
dissatisfaction causedby any person. I have no interest
inwhat happens tomy physical body.My only desire is
that there shouldbe nountidiness or spread of disease.
If any part, limb or organ of the body canbe used in any
way, then itmay be sodone.
There shouldbe no grief beyond the natural sadness
when a dear one physically departs. All rituals shouldbe
completedwithin three days andnot stretch to twelve.
Observing sixmonths ofmourning ismeaningless.
Nobody’s celebration shouldbe deferredbecause of
my death. Immediately after cremation, if any family
member has to attend awedding or similar happy event,
theymay do so if they can.Death is not a cause for
sorrow, it is a reason for happiness.
Cremation shouldbe done at the place of death as is
generally done. There is noneed to take the body to
Wardha. Ifmy death occurs in a city likeBombay,
where an electric crematorium exists, cremate the body
in one. Such a cremation saves time and is hygienic.
Donot use expensive cloth, ghee or costlymaterials like
sandalwood. If someone desires tomake such offerings,
that’s different. Cheapfirewood shouldbe used.Use
kerosene to ignite the fire.
Bothmen andwomen of the family desirous of attending
the cremationmay do so.Nobody shouldbe prevented
from attending if theywant to attend, thoughnoone
should feel they have to attend.Men andwomen of
any caste, colour or creed can attend. Those attending
shouldnot suffer inconvenience inwalking. They can
use a vehicle. If convenient, even the body couldbe
carried in a vehicle. But there is no insistence.
There is noneed todeclare aholiday in our business
and industrial establishments.Death shouldnot
adversely affect the country’s production. There is no
harm if some have already declared aholiday but avoid
this if possible.
It is anormal practice that if Parliament is in session,
and amember dies inDelhi, Parliament is adjourned
for the day. This is not necessary. It will be good if
adjourningParliament canbe prevented.Members
desirous of joining the funeralmay take leave for a few
hours but the session should continue.
(Kamalnayanwas a
member of the Lok Sabha at the time.)
My ashes should reach the tree planted inKakaji’s
(at Gopuri,Wardha)
. IfMa dies beforeme,
then spread some ofmy ashes in the soil of her tree
too. Shouldmy ashes be immersed in a river, then it
shouldbe in thePaunar river
(near Vinobaji’s Ashram)
Inparticular,my ashes shouldnot be taken to a place
that entails taking time off and incurring expenses
asHaridwar or Varanasi)
. If someone is already going on
pilgrimage to such a place, he can carrymy ashes there.
Otherwise,my ashes shouldbe taken toKakaji’s onhis
punya tithi
; and ifMahas gone beforeme, onhers. This is
purely to respect the sentimental reasons and satisfaction
of thosewho are left behind. I amnot interested.What
todo or not dowith the deadbody, does not interestme.
Heexpressed thesewishesat the time.
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