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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
I knowyoubetter thanyouknowyourself
Iwas fortunate toaccompanyTauji onhis last
foreign tripwhichwas toEurope. Forme, thiswasa
great opportunity tocomeclose tohim, understand
his thoughts, life styleand idiosyncrasies.He tookme
to seeplacesof tourist’s interest thoughhehad
visited themearlier.He felt therewasalways
somethingnew to learn.Hehadaknackof adjusting
toeveryone. Thoughwewere together for three
months, I didnotmissbeingwithmyagegroup
becauseof hisnature, adaptability, supportiveness
and sporting spirit.
Once,whilewalking the streetsofGermany, coins
fell continuouslyon theground. I pickedupeachone,
thinking theywere falling fromTauji’spocket.When
I pointed thisout tohim, he smiledandaskedme to
return “hismoneyback tohim”,which I promptlydid.
Later I realised that itwasmypocket thathadahole
in it. I don’t rememberhim returningbackmymoney.
A fair punishment formyabsentmindedness!
Hehadadeepunderstandingof people, issuesand
circumstances.Hewould tellme, “I knowyoubetter
thanyouknowyourself!”He sharedwithmehis views
onglobal events, familyepisodesandmembers. Iwas
fascinatedbyone storyhe recounted tome. “Madhur,”
he said tome, “once therewasanargument
betweenyourDadaji andmeaboutwhowasbetter
between the twoof us. Aftermuchdebate, I said,
my father isbetter thanyour father andmy son is
better thanyour son. Sowho isbetter? Therewasno
argument after that!”Agreat believer of a joint family
system, he strivedhard tokeep the family together
and succeeded.
Tauji couldeffortlesslypresent acase frommore than
oneangle.Once I sawhimconvincea friend that the
“the roadwason the left sideof thehouse”. Thenext
instant, Tauji convincedhis friend that itwason the
right side. And so itwent on.
Hehadanamazingability toconvert someone’s
negativemindset about another person. Taujiwould
start bypointingout severalmorenegative traits. This
immediatelycreatedabond.Nexthewould slowly
erodenegativitybyexplaininga rationale for theother
person’sacting thewayhedid; and thenconvince the
personhewas talking to, tochangehismind. This is
howhe savedanumber of relationships.
Hewasagood listenerwhichmade the speaker
comfortable.Hemeant a lot tomeand I learnt lot
Kamalnayan, seenherewitha friend (middle) andMadhur (left), enjoying
agameof darts inGermany’sBlackForest. The threemonth trip to
EuropewouldbeKamalnayan’s last tripabroad. Summer, 1971.
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