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KamalnayanBajaj –Architect of theBajajGroup
“Soon after Shekhar and Iweremarried, when Iwas
hardly 18 years old, Tauji tookmewithhim to a
MukandAGM,” remembersKiran. “WhenShekhar
was about to leave forNewYork for hisMBA, Tauji
suggested I should enrol in a program on travel and
tourism in theUS and thenwork atHindMusafir, our
group travel agency.”
Kiran ranHindMusafir for 26 years.Over at Bajaj
Electricals, Suman Jainhas been its advertising
consultant for over 40 years.
As the karta of theBajaj family,Kamalnayan took his
responsibilities seriously.He urged all to study andbe
the best they canbe.Hemade it a point tounderstand
each familymember’s character and thework that
wouldbest suit each one. Before being allotted amajor
responsibility, everyone had toundergo aminimum
of two years on-the-job training in several parts of the
group’s burgeoning empire. ThenKamalnayanwould
match jobswith individuals.
AsKamalnayan grew older, his flock bigger, and
more young lads entered the business, he finally
indulged inhis joy of travel. By 1967,KBhad visited
theUS, Europe, theUSSR, Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon,
Afghanistan, Ceylon,Malaysia, Philippines and Japan.
Annual summer holidays inEurope gradually became
a regular fixture inhis calendar, not a rarity. An
indulgencewell earned.
Kiranat thecontrolsofHindMusafir
The fond fatherwithdaughterSumanbeforeherweddingceremonywith
NareshChandra,November27, 1960
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